éS Game of SKATE 2006 Schedule

Posted May 16, 2006 by éS

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Brush up on your flatground skills, the éS Game of SKATE is coming to town!

June 3 Fast Forward, Plano, Texas (972) 608-4160
June 14 Cowtown, Phoenix, Arizona (602) 212-9687
June 17 Active Ride Shop, Orange, California (714) 221-1094
June 21 Val Surf, North Hollywood, California* (818) 769-3060
July 1 Bill’s Wheels, Santa Cruz, California (831) 463-0904
July 4 303 Boardshop, Denver, Colorado (303) 699-1303
July 6 Escapist Skateboarding, Overland Park, Kansas (913) 814-7587
July 7 Soka, St. Louis, Missouri (636) 394-8200
July 8 Active Ride Shop, Escondido, California* (760) 839-6941
July 9 Rise, Indianapolis, Indiana (317) 843-9980
July 11 Westside, Lakewood, Ohio (216) 226-2470
July 14 Autumn, New York, New York (212) 677-6220
July 15 Nocturnal, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (215) 922-3177
July 16 Pitcrew, Frederick, Maryland (301) 698-1813
July 18 Cardinal, Virginia Beach, Virginia (757) 306-0550
July 21 Mega Skate Plaza, Fayetteville, North Carolina (910) 867-2424
July 22 Faith Skateboards, Birmingham, Alabama (205) 326-6670
July 23 Rukus, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (225) 755-3970
June 29 Skatepark of Tampa, Tampa, Florida, 6:00 p.m. (813) 621-6793
August 9 Pharmacy Boardshop, Las Vegas, Nevada (702) 228-4755
August 12 SkateLab, Simi Valley, California* (805) 578-0040

September 9 Action Sports Retailer trade show, San Diego, California

*Denotes “wild card” éS Games of SKATE run by our local shop partners, with winners going to the Finals.


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There's 38 responses to "éS Game of SKATE 2006 Schedule"

  1. yeah first comment
    i love the game of skate its my favourite game
    i d like to take part in a game of skate but in germany are almost no and im german


    moeminator Posted: 8 years ago
  2. i play G.O.S. everyday for gettin warm and ender :P

    Wouter2005 Posted: 8 years ago
  3. same here

    MONBUKAGAKUSHO Posted: 8 years ago
  4. damn yall need to come to the fast forward in houston or somthing....good luuck to the guys playing...

    skate4food Posted: 8 years ago
  5. Drive to Plano, Texas.

    garry Posted: 8 years ago
  6. im gonna have to go to NYC to bust my newest flatground maneuver ss inward heel

    Plan B_09 Posted: 8 years ago
  7. hey Garry, does the eS Game of Skate ever come to Canada?

    TrevorTWS Posted: 8 years ago
  8. Ugh, I live too far from everything but I can't wait for the footage.

    Accel13 Posted: 8 years ago
  9. Trevor,

    Not that I know of, but you can hold your own. Find out how:


    garry Posted: 8 years ago
  10. Man, I'm headin' to Lakewood this July dude. For real. If my mom dosen't drive me, then my dad will.

    Mikey Posted: 8 years ago
  11. I'm going to win the Pitcrew game of skate.

    Sam Posted: 8 years ago
  12. Keeps gettin better every year

    skatedaily Posted: 8 years ago
  13. bring the game to canada

    mynd Posted: 8 years ago
  14. I wish éS came to Boston again..

    peter Posted: 8 years ago
  15. you need to go to chicaco next year

    curcio Posted: 8 years ago
  16. damn you éS! DAMN YOU! jk. but damnit I'm gonna be out of town for the damn pitcrew game of SKATE

    Crentin Posted: 8 years ago
  17. @Garry

    Everyone pretty much plays Games of Skate here, but it we don't give out prizes........we just play for fun. Mini-pipe games of skate are really popular here.

    It would be fun to have the eS team host a game, doesn't Rick McCrank's parents live in Edmonton, Alberta?

    TrevorTWS Posted: 8 years ago
  18. ^

    If Ricks' parents do live there, then the eS team has a free place to crash haha

    TrevorTWS Posted: 8 years ago
  19. Woo!! Finals are in San Diego! I'm there, ASR.

    Demo Posted: 8 years ago
  20. my friend was in finals at last years ASR game of skate for AM"s

    Wouter2005 Posted: 8 years ago
  21. I beat Chris in a game of skate!(he's prob the best at SKATE nt my local park)And it was with a fs nollie bigspin.

    G - rant Posted: 8 years ago
  22. unfortunately no uk dates
    ahh well
    wish i could be there

    Daveskater Posted: 8 years ago
  23. Admin...Why isn't es coming to Boston...Is it becasue no shop is willing to sponsor?

    Boston_Loc_Hater_Lew Posted: 8 years ago
  24. ill be at the one in plano.fakie bigspin heel.and my halfcab kick and heel.ive got nollie bigspins on lock.their frigin easy.

    ryanbanks2006 Posted: 8 years ago
  25. awww damm you guys are'nt comin to florida....not even tampa?

    Big Poppa Posted: 8 years ago
  26. hey is there a warmup time or something or does it go straight to the games

    marc Posted: 8 years ago
  27. sorry ryanbanks2006, maybe im not as good as you? hmmm...?

    G - rant Posted: 8 years ago
  28. Just like i've said before, no skate team comes to El Paso. I wish I could drive, then i'd go to Plano, TX for this.

    Wes H. Posted: 8 years ago
  29. it should be called Ladd's Game of SKATE
    or maybe Javier's Game of SKATE

    Justin. P Posted: 8 years ago
  30. or rodrigo's game of skate or eldrige's game of skate

    peter Posted: 8 years ago
  31. No, it should be called McCranks' game-of-skate.

    Wes H. Posted: 8 years ago
  32. [...] Rodrigo TX is de nieuwe coverboy voor de eS Game of SKATE, die de komende maanden over heel de wereld weer wordt gehouden. In NL waarschijnlijk ergens in juli. We’ll keep you posted….. (check het forum in the meantime and voice your opinion!) [...]

    Left Skateboardnieuws » Blog Archive » Get it straight, ride Krooked! Posted: 8 years ago
  33. ?

    garry Posted: 8 years ago
  34. Man, i think im going to the one in Indy
    You should have had one in Louisville

    skatedaily Posted: 8 years ago
  35. Hey! Skating is mine passion too. I would surely like to watch the events.
    Will it ever come to Boston? I m eager to participate in it atleast once.
    ttp://www.antioxidantsonline.com" rel="nofollow">passion

    emmajoseph Posted: 8 years ago
  36. yo is there any practice time? i dont wanna go there and not be warmed up yadiigg

    marc Posted: 8 years ago
  37. és should go to oshawa ontario again i loved it in 2004

    kostonisaloser Posted: 8 years ago
  38. june 21 at val. i'll be there

    LosAngeles Posted: 8 years ago

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