Team Report 07-13-06

Posted July 13, 2006 by éS

As you all know by now, the éS Game of SKATE Amateur Series is chugging right along across the United States, being greeted by good crowds all along the way and receiving a lot of great support from the shops. Special thanks to Boost Mobile. Justin Eldridge will join a short leg of the tour back East, hitting New York, Philly and Fredrick, Maryland.

Rick McCrank is spending some time with his daughter before heading out to London, England and Aberdeen, Scotland for two weeks with Mr. Joe Brook and some Zero boys to shoot some photos for Slap.

Rodrigo Tx. is still doing his thing with the Flip crew out in Spain, where he hooked up with fellow éS team rider Javier Sarmiento. Boy, has Tx. been on a mission lately. I can't wait to see what kind of footy turns up from his recent trips. Until then, scope Rodrigo's sweet semi-vintage back Smith on a ledge in the "Light of Day" article in issue 29 of The Skateboard Mag.

P.J. Ladd just got back from a Vancouver trip with the Plan B crew. They just hung out, skated and shot some ad photos.

If you find yourself down in Adelaide, Australia, wondering who the fool doing harsh donuts in a hot rod in the middle of the street is, fear not. It just may very well be our very own Cale Nuske, trying to keep warm during the cool Winter down there.

Nyjah Huston is out in Denver, Colorado for the latest stop of the Dew Action Sports Tour. Good luck to him. Check out Ny's Cab flip down a big four in a Silver Trucks ad out now in all the mags.

Silas Baxter-Neal is spending his Summer back home in Eugene, Oregon, along with visitors Scuba Steve and éS flow rider Mike Barker. Check out Silas' frontside wall ride in the "How To" article in the August 2006 issue of TransWorld Skateboarding, and Barker's full-page photo of a switch 360 flip down 10 in issue 29 of The Skateboard Mag.

Congratulations to Bobby Worrest for locking down his first apartment in Washington DC, which is actually a room in a house shared with his girl and some roommates. When is the house-warming party, son?


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There's 23 responses to "Team Report 07-13-06"

  1. what????

    tampa Posted: 8 years ago
  2. HOlllllaaaaaa

    Wouter2005 Posted: 8 years ago
  3. i saw nyjah at a demo and his nollie flips are 2 inches hi

    Plan B_09 Posted: 8 years ago
  4. hes mobbed

    Charlie Posted: 8 years ago
  5. maybe mob grip will help him with that

    Charlie Posted: 8 years ago
  6. mob marley haha lol

    dgkallday17 Posted: 8 years ago
  7. maybe that kid can noseblunt slide 12 sets and hes fucking 11...dicks

    hello im sam Posted: 8 years ago
  8. True True he might not have that much pop but he stil does flip back smiths down handrails.

    Wouter2005 Posted: 8 years ago
  9. plan bs right on his video there like not even an inch high mine are like 7 inches higher than his haha.

    tampa Posted: 8 years ago
  10. hello craig or shaun or louis or mac. you found me. im bored with no transport and its about to rain. ryan gallant does a hardflip fs noseslide down a small rail. louis i want my 13 skatemags

    hobo child Posted: 8 years ago
  11. Gallant caught that hardflip front-nose like a foot above the "small" rail. His amazing ability earned him due rights on the pretigous Plan-B super squad...

    Boston_Loc_Hater_Lew Posted: 8 years ago
  12. does mccranks daughter skate?

    moeminator Posted: 8 years ago
  13. no

    Charlie Posted: 8 years ago
  14. Garry, will Mike Barker, Silas-Baxter Neil, and Bobby Worrest get a page on the team spread part of this site anytime soon?

    Wes H. Posted: 8 years ago
  15. mike barker and bobby worrest arent on the official team

    Charlie Posted: 8 years ago
  16. saw eldridge at the nyc game of skate, that was pretty cool. real chill dude. his outfit was tough yo, eS makin premium tees now, thats wussup. wonderin if eldridge's got/ gettin any footy in nyc, that'd be dope

    truehead Posted: 8 years ago
  17. hes gonna nollie flip off the empire state building

    Charlie Posted: 8 years ago
  18. thats tight stuff..

    tim Posted: 8 years ago
  19. sweetness

    dgkallday17 Posted: 8 years ago
  20. PJ is soo tight

    skatedaily Posted: 8 years ago
  21. what????

    727 skateboarder Posted: 8 years ago
  22. It just doesn't seem complete without eric... mmhmm

    solidsk8 Posted: 8 years ago
  23. yea i was at the ny game of skate too and eldridge was such a chill dude i was mad i didnt have my board tho came all the way from jersey to see but i did scoop up a new choco pop art deck haha

    jaxterx10 Posted: 8 years ago

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