éS Game of SKATE Virginia Beach Report 2

Posted September 7, 2006 by éS

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As we rolled into Virginia Beach, Virginia on Tuesday, July 18, 2006 for the éS Game of SKATE, I warned the crew in the van that the set-up might be a little wacky, and also told them I’d spoken with a couple of the local skaters who had assured me it would be fine. I was referring to the masonite that was going to be used as the skating surface.

Here’s how it all started: in early 2006, I got an email from a guy named Bryan suggesting we come to Virginia Beach to Cardinal Skateshop. I knew that Kyle Berard owned Cardinal, and of course we loved the idea of doing the Game at a good skate shop that works to promote skateboarding. The only problem was that the parking lot was way too rough.

After exploring some nearby churches, Mt. Trashmore (which mysteriously burned down a few weeks later), and a few other spots, Dave Berard, Kyle’s dad and all-around champ, tried out a few pieces of masonite in the parking lot. He planned on creating masonite lanes, which of course sounded sketchy to me. But Dave assured me that the kids had okayed it, so it was on.

It actually turned out to be fine, and the éS Game of SKATE was ready to roll. Things were looking good for a couple of the kids who had been to three or four stops over the last few days: Matt Ray and Tim Wynne were both on their game, relaxed and having fun. That’s what it was all about, and by now these two were practically chiseled veterans of the tour.

As the field of 103—which was about how hot it was, too—narrowed down to the top six, it was cool to see Bryan, the guy who’d gotten this whole thing started in Virginia Beach, still in the mix. The top six were Bryan Lotuaco, Kionne Scott, Sam Buxton, Littell Harris, Matt Ray and Tim Wynne. Sam Buxton had come up from Nag’s Head in North Carolina with his buddy Daniel Tugwell, who made it to the top twelve. Matt Ray hails from Baltimore, and Tim Wynne is from up north, Connecticut, I think, leaving Bryan, Littel and Kionne representing Virginia Beach.

All three ripped, and Bryan made it into third place. It was tough to see Tim Wynne and Matt Ray in the Finals. The éS Game of SKATE crew had got to know these kids over the last year, and we didn’t want to see either of them lose, but unfortunately there’s only winner. Matt Ray will be heading to San Diego with his new Boost Mobile i875 phone, and Tim Wynne’s gonna get his next year, we can all feel it in our bones. Matt, his twin brother Cody and Spencer, the winner from Frederick, will be a handful in San Diego—should be fun!--Mark Waters


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  1. VB hollla used to love there good times

    Wouter2005 Posted: 8 years ago
  2. Why would anyone want to travel accross the country entereing in every game..Thats overkill..give it a break...

    Boston_Loc_Hater_Lew Posted: 8 years ago
  3. Skateboarding in Norway. check out this kid:


    I know, spots/footy are crapy, but look at that kid. He’s just chillin! Goofy or Regular? It’s smooth

    ks Posted: 8 years ago
  4. that game was sick i was there i actually think its my friend jason on the top picture in the red shirt and fitted hat

    steven Posted: 6 years ago

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