éS Game of SKATE Baton Rouge, Louisiana Report

Posted September 8, 2006 by éS

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The éS Game of SKATE we held in Baton Rouge on Sunday, July 23, 2006 was the first time we’ve done an event in Louisiana. It was also the last stop on our tour, and the hottest day we’d had yet—close to 100 degrees with 98 percent humidity. Our hosts at Rukus put together a great event. It was a Sunday, so we could take over the parking lot of their center, and we pulled up to a huge crowd and tons of skaters.

From 88 skaters down to a final five, there was some ferocious riding going on, and some skate dads were really getting into it. It’s pretty funny, on this tour we’ve had one mom, in Orange, and one Dad, in Baton Rouge, accuse us of cheating! I make light of it simply because of the fact there can't be any cheating—either you make the trick or not. I think the support of their kids’ skating is awesome, but mellow out, moms and mads, and remember, it’s skateboarding…not little league!

Anyway, the skaters who made it to the Finals were Pepito Galindo, Jeffrey Livingston, Nick Graciana, Jerry Darby and Tater from Rukus, hanging with the youngsters.

In the end, it was Tater in second, making a comeback against Pepito, who ended up taking the top spot. He will be going to San Diego with his new Boost Mobile i875 phone! Merci beaucoup to Ronnie and Chip from Rukus for making the éS Game of SKATE possible in Baton Rouge. We’ll see you next year!--Mark Waters


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