Take éS to Your Spots!

Posted December 20, 2006 by éS

The éS team is currently on a mission to finish filming for their upcoming video, YéS! Tired of the same blown-out spots, they're hoping you might have something more creative to offer in your neighborhood, borough or district*. Submit a photo of the most unique spot in your area on the contest page or snail-mail it to: Take éS to Your Spots! 25422 Trabuco Road, Suite 105, #441 Lake Forest, California 92630. *Note: this contest is open to the whole world.

In May 2007, we'll choose a few winning photos and let the éS team draw straws to see who travels where to film for the video and shoot their next ad. The handful of you whose spots are chosen will serve as our tour guides, hang out when the filming goes down, and get loaded up with a travel bag full of free éS product. We look forward to meeting you, skating with you and discovering the best spots your area has to offer. Take éS to your spots!

This contest ends on April 30, 2007.


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There's 26 responses to "Take éS to Your Spots!"

  1. Ive been waiting for something like this.

    Travai Posted: 8 years ago
  2. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh get eS to come skate the Bandstand and a road!!

    I like how they're bored of spots in California.

    mark444 Posted: 8 years ago
  3. i have nice curb i migh submit....

    Plan B_09 Posted: 8 years ago
  4. this is a tight contest. i got a nice spot to enter.

    bcoop Posted: 8 years ago
  5. A curb? ^

    Wes H. Posted: 8 years ago
  6. thers this nice ledge waxed to hell it starts out knee high and ends bottom of rib for an average guy hight. its about 11 feet long but i dont have a pic for it

    727 skateboarder Posted: 8 years ago
  7. can i upload more than one photo? because we have many great spots !

    Z3ro Posted: 8 years ago
  8. Yo mark444 do you live in york? as in enlgand and do you mean band stand as in the rowntrees park band stand?

    SurfBum* Posted: 8 years ago
  9. great contest to bad Orlando dosent have to many good spots.

    PRSkater4 Posted: 8 years ago
  10. dammit, i don't think some of my spots can compete

    sk8s_in_montucky Posted: 8 years ago
  11. prskater4 what are you talking about? just go downtown. g-bump? ledges galore? yup. then there's all sorts of ditches and other trannies everywhere.

    bcoop Posted: 8 years ago
  12. SurfBum* I live in Devon.

    mark444 Posted: 8 years ago
  13. damn it... I live in Australia

    Tobi Posted: 8 years ago
  14. We've seen some sick submissions so far, super top secret.

    Administrator Posted: 8 years ago
  15. would be cool if there would be a gallery with all received spots

    stodest Posted: 8 years ago
  16. im gonna send in a pic of this pole gap, the only footy ever was from pj ladd monkey business a while ago. i think the es team would destroy now

    lil richie Posted: 8 years ago
  17. oh well, never mind... is devon any good for skating?

    p.s. Mr. Administrator man come to York!!! Send the entire team to York! PLEASE!!! We never ever, ever have anything good happen down here and there are some proper rad places to go to.

    erhem... *composes ones self*

    Does anyone on this forum live in York?

    SurfBum* Posted: 8 years ago
  18. my cousins do, im there evry once in a while

    hello im sam Posted: 8 years ago
  19. sike!

    hello im sam Posted: 8 years ago

    yES sir! Posted: 8 years ago
  21. it's like the rodrigo tx 2 contest where nobody won ??
    don't waste you're time !

    ToNyXeS Posted: 8 years ago
  22. you couldn't be further from the truth Tony...if we don't select winners from this contest, we won't have a new ad campaign. this shit is as real as it gets.

    sharkey Posted: 8 years ago
  23. Ive showed some pro's around my area.. and i have a handfull of GOOD spots. I just need to get some pictures now.

    BURRITO Posted: 8 years ago
  24. OK... Sam, I dont know how you found that funny but whatever...
    How far do you reckon the es team is willing to travel?

    Do you think if one of us does win that it will be us showing them around the area? I have a feeling that they might want to go off and do their own thing...

    SurfBum* Posted: 8 years ago
  25. there is a sick park or a bunch of parks around and there are some really sick spots on the strip (i live in vegas)

    shoe lace Posted: 8 years ago
  26. [...] En effet, la celebre marque de chaussures voudrait que tu leur renvoie unbe photo de votre spot secret qui tue, afin d’y visiter et filmer pour la nouvelle video, Yes! par la suite, un des rideurs Es shootera son prochain pub chez vous sur le spot. Ca vous interesse de faire connaitre le hubba de St-Michou-les bains? Alors cliquez ici pour plus d’infos. [...]

    Recherche- Spot… (Es) « Posted: 8 years ago

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