Bobby Worrest Talks Back Vol. 1

Posted February 1, 2007 by éS

Bobby and his beard in a formative stage. Summer 2006.

mark444: How do you get your hair so perfect?
First of all, I didn't know I had perfect hair. I guess that's cool. Okay, I'll let you in on a little secret. Wash it once a week and never comb it…ever. Just get it wet and leave the house. Yeah, that sounds about right.

zooyork15: What's your favorite éS shoe in the Spring 2007 selection?
My favorite éS shoe is still probably the Theory. Any color will do. I also like the Square One and the Jasper.

gsosa1284: I loved your part in Time Will Tell. How much did you skate as a kid--every day? Did you skate flat a lot, or obstacles? Finally, were you the best in your group of friends, or were you bad at first and then became really good? Thanks a lot. P.S. I loved your parts in Get Familiar and Krooked Khronicles, also.
Thanks, dude. I skated every single day as a kid. I would never play video games or any of that--I just wasn't into that stuff. I played some soccer and baseball off and on until seventh grade, I think, but that stuff never lasted. We would skate everything and skate to the spots from our house, which at the time was super far, but it was cool, cuz there were obstacles on the way. Like, you could see a curb cut down the street coming up and you knew you only had one try to land your trick, because the crew would keep moving. I started skating with a bunch of kids who also just started, so we all sucked and I was terrible, and it hasn't changed too much in 10 years.

flipper: How is your beard so god-like? Also, I just like your style--you kill it. What are your dreams in skateboarding? (What do you want to accomplish?)
I guess I got pretty lucky to be able to grow a serious beard. Scuba has a mean one, as well. My dream in skateboarding is for my bones to not hurt in the Winter, and shit.

teddyhall: I’m sure you’ve skated all over the country and probably other countries. Do you prefer spots back home on the East Coast rather than those popular spots that are always spoken of and seen in videos, etc.?
Well, as far spots in videos go, I love going to other countries to skate perfect stuff, and I love the East Coast, cuz we have perfect stuff, too, like marble plazas and stuff. But I don't like going to Cali and skating the popular 10 stairs--that shit sucks.

pjis#1: How was it working with Chris Hall on your Get Fam part?(Which, by the way, was amazing!)
Thank you. Working with Chris was cool. It was fun. He's like my older brother. He's just a comedian all day long.

skatedaily: What’s up, man? First off, the part in Get Fam was killer. But, for the question, what’s it like to skate and chill with the Gonz? That must be crazy. Also, what’s your favorite spot in DC?
Mark is definitely a character and I love the ideas that he constantly comes up with. Pulaski is amazing, but it's not my favorite right now. I don't think I have a favorite. Ha-ha. Is that bad?

PScanlan: It's sick that a kid from MoCo is up there with the bigwigs now, man. Congrats. It seems like you come out with video parts every day, with all the underground vids and Get Fam and Krooked. With all that filming, is it hard to get new tricks at Pulaski or other spots? What keeps you motivated to keep pushing your skating to the next limit?
Ha-ha. Moco. Montgomery County. Germantown. Redline. Berlin Wall. Eagle building. Ha-ha. Pulaski is hard to get shit at, cuz it always seems to happen that right when you're about to get your trick or line, the park police roll up and you have to dipset. So, it gets annoying sometimes. As for motivation, we've been skating this little box and flatbar in a basketball court up the street by McElroy's house that has been fun. We just try to learn stupid tricks all day. Every spot downtown is pretty much a bust, so it gets a little hectic sometimes.

Shané: How did you grow such a sick beard? No matter how hard I try, I can’t get mine to look as cool as yours. I think it’s because my facial hair grows in patches, as opposed to thick and grizzly. Please help me! P.S. What’s the best type of wine?
Thanks, dude. I don't know how it grows, but I like it. I got a patch right under my chin, too. There's no reason why it's there, it just is. I dunno. I guess try Just For Men or something on your face. Fix ya face! Wine? I dunno. That question should be for Silas or something. Red one day, white the next.

chaos: What is you favorite part in skating? Mine is the extreme rush I get when I land tricks perfectly.

Lately, my favorite part in skating is going super-fast and trying tricks. I get a rush from going super-fast with a lot of potential to get hurt. Fuck it. Whatever. At least if you get hurt going 100, it will feel cool.

mrhappyfish2: 1. Do chicks dig the facial hair? 2. Do you think you’d ever get a Fu Manchu, a soul patch or a sick zappy stash first if you ever try to shave it? 3. Mustaches aside, what kinda movies are you into (skate and non-skate)?
Chicks always think I'm at least 25 with the facial hair. I recently shaved and chicks were bummed. It's all good. It grows back fully in two weeks, I hope, and when I shave it, I start with, like, nutzo sideburns, then a whatsitcalled from Miami Vice, then a mustache. I just fuck around and take flicks for kicks. Favorite movies? I wanna see that new one called 300 really bad. I like scary shit, too. Death. Ha-ha. Skate. GNAR-GNAR!

gravy boat: What is your favorite sandwich from Subway? Also, do you like that Jared guy? He seems kinda like a tool to me, but he probably makes bank. So, yeah: favorite sub and your view on Jared?
I hate Subway and love Quizno's. Whatever. I'd like to get Chris on the Jered diet. Anything to get dude back skating. He ripped yesterday.

Muhzilla: What do you think of female skaters? (Random / kool / no opinion?)
Female skaters are cool. I know one or two, and I saw these girls in New York killing it at the skatepark under the bridge. They were way better than the dudes. It was sick.

Plan B_09: What is the best game of SKATE you have ever played? Have you ever played / beat P.J. Ladd?
The best games of SKATE I've been playing have been with Zack Lyons and this new kid who's killing it named Daniel Kim. We play on the box and flat bar. It's called everything SKATE. It's fun and we are forced to do hard shit. P.J. thinks he lets me win. Ha-ha.

Wes H: Are you a stay-at-home pro or a traveling pro like Kenny Reed?
Shit, I don't travel as often as Kenny Reed. I definitely like traveling, but I couldn't be in a foreign country for more than two weeks. Like, I couldn't live in India, and stuff, so I pretty much stay on the East Coast.

mark444: What trick do you usually do first at the start of a sesh?
At the start of a sesh, I do 50-50s, I guess. Whatever warms me up.

pitcrew207: You’ve been doing some great skating, but with all this recognition, do you still find time for the homies back in Maryland and at Pitcrew?
I definitely still try to make time to go up to Pitcrew. It's a little harder to get up there, because I live two times farther now, but I still wear Pitcrew shit all day. They are the best real skate shop in the world.

esfootywear2: Who's your favorite person to skate with on the éS team and why?
Danny Garcia is super cool. When Justin Eldridge and Cale Nuske get together, they are funny. I like skating with everyone. Rick McCrank kills it.

esfootywear2: Do you have a MySpace profile?
Unfortunately, I do have MySpace, but I won't add you unless I know you, and I'm pretty sure my shit is on private. Sorry.

techy boy: I know that you are from DC and that you were in Get Familiar with Zack Lyons, who is also from DC. Before filming for that video, had you and Zach ever met or skated with each other? Thanks for your time.
Yes, I met Zack years before filming for Get Familiar and we skated with each other all the time. There are a few kids actually from DC and a lot of people from the suburbs of Maryland and Virginia skating downtown nowadays, so as I see it, we are building the DC scene, and that's that.

hacksaw: Do you think growing up on the East Coast has made you a better skater, having to deal with our harsh Winters and whatnot? Or do you think you would’ve been better off growing up skating on the West Coast with good weather, skateparks and being around more skaters in general?
When you grow up on the West Coast, you are constantly surrounded by amazing skaters and pros and shit, so you get really good really fast. Now on the East Coast, there are only a couple of pros and the weather is fucked, so there is a lot less skating going on in the Winter and your friends push you instead of the pros pushing you. Man, I don't care as long as I'm skating. I grew up on the East Coast and in Houston. It's whatever.

randomzero: What are your thoughts on Love Park?
Love Park is the best skate spot in the world. Every time I'm in Philly walking through it, I almost shit my pants.

esrider14: What is the absolute worst thing about being on tour?

The worst thing about being on tour is that everyone starts getting sick of each other because you are basically living together for weeks on end. But once the tour is over, everything goes back to normal.

Sebass: What’s your most effective trick to use in a game of SKATE?
Zack Lyons can do every trick, so the most effective on him would have to be a frontside heelflip, regular and switch. That's about it. Goodbye.

The interview is over. Don't ask any more questions.


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