Go Skateboarding Day: June 21, 2007!

Posted April 5, 2007 by éS

June 21, 2007: No school. No work. Nothing but skateboarding. Today is our day. Join in the grind heard around the world!

There are plenty of Go Skateboarding Day events happening all over the place. Go to your local skate shop and see what’s going on, or visit Go Skateboarding Day. If nothing is happening in your area, get everyone together and start your own event!

Suggestions: Choose a place for everyone to meet. Skate across town, hitting all the spots along the way. Hold a best trick contest or play a game of SKATE. End up at your local skate shop or skatepark and have a barbeque! Use your imagination. The possibilities are endless!


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There's 12 responses to "Go Skateboarding Day: June 21, 2007!"

  1. hell yeah

    zooyork15 Posted: 8 years ago
  2. Every one go skate.

    live2skate Posted: 8 years ago
  3. dont say ''i dont care because its not my problem'', i am your problem because i can bring joy to your brand.my tricks are fakie hardflip, 360 flip, varial heel, fsflip,bs flip i pop em waist high with style it doesnt cost you to help me,,just sponsor me im sure ill be marketable-ive got all you are looking for in a rider im the young gun that needs help to be the future of this, if youre gonna sponsor somebody make it me,,this is everybodys dream but im the one that you are gonna turn my life around and make it like i deserve it , wouldn't you like to do that for somebody?aren't you tired of looking all over the world for that young person-with that style that should get sponsored for everyone to enjoy?you have to believe in me give me a try i'm what everyones been waiting on to have im different,,
    im writing form a public internet acces place im begging for help im almost 17 and i dont want to go to jail you get jumped in ther and get aids or theyll ruin your life in many different ways -i have to steal or fight to eat sometimes-im poor desperate in need ,and if i get a job it wouldnt change any thing at all in my life-i would make 5.00dls an hour.
    my parents take away my meals whenever i try to convince them of supporting my boards and shoesor cameras-unless you help me i will be thrown in the streets by 17 like a bum,,my parents ruin my life they change my mood and have too many rules i've already been in juvies to me college is not a possibility and its a dead lifestyle that ruins your life and turns you into a stupid adult-i have from 17 to 45 to do things then i'll be too old--
    you dont know my parents and family they are truly crazy they wont help me im on my own,they have already spent 2000 dollars on psicologists and i still starve from time to time my momo reads something from a book on purpose every morning to see if she can comitt suicide like a ritual -one of these days shes gonna crash the car with me in it theyre crazy ,really stupid ,all they do is things that do irreversable damage in my life,,but i can still make it if you help me-just give me a try it will be fun to see me grow some.

    jerry7290 Posted: 8 years ago
  4. That's one crazy post man. But what the fuck are you on about? Your life sucks, and you want eS to sponsor you? eS don't just hand out sponsors to people who say they can fakie hardflip. My advice to you is keep skating because you enjoy it, get a job, or stay in school so you can get a better job, and make more money than $5 and hour!

    Anyway, Go SKateboarding Day is gonna be killer!

    G - rant Posted: 8 years ago
  5. Wise words.

    I hope I'm not working on Go skateboarding Day. I'm still going to skate regardless, anyways, I'll just take less heat if I don't have to go to work.

    Wes H. Posted: 8 years ago
  6. i cant believe i just read all of that post. life is hard, deal. g-rant said it best. skate day is gonna be dope

    VWetudier Posted: 8 years ago
  7. dude i think i should save the trick ive been wanted to pull off that six step for that day....

    skaterjames12 Posted: 8 years ago
  8. all i have to say is go skate and do nothing else that day. man i cant wait for june 21st....but when it comes im gunna skate the whole day non stop

    Justin Posted: 8 years ago
  9. Aw shit, i have school that day.

    superdupermario Posted: 8 years ago
  10. You in summer school?

    Wes H. Posted: 8 years ago
  11. Damn! I'm gonna be in Europe that day! I hope they have go skateboarding day there (I live in Texas).

    ivankumamoto Posted: 8 years ago
  12. love too skate
    skate or die
    skateboarding is not a crime


    CatbaloganSkateCrew Posted: 5 years ago

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