Scuba Steve Talks Back Vol. 1

Posted April 5, 2007 by éS

G - rant: What’s your favorite photo or clip you’ve shot?
That’s a tough one. The first thing that comes to mind would have to be Eric Koston’s nollie back noseblunt through a long lens at the Arco rails. Just the whole situation and how it went down was amazing. That spot is such a bust, and everything just worked out so perfectly. I was in amazement the whole time it was happening.

Justin: Is it hard to film the pros? If so, how and why? Did anyone ever film you?
Well, everyone is different. I wouldn’t say it’s hard, it’s more interesting working with a bunch of different personalities--you kind of learn what works for each person. For example, some people are better skating alone, and others can’t plan tricks to do, it just has to happen. I get people to film me occasionally. I never do anything good, though.

The Sony VX1000: it films skateboarding, it answers email, it butters your toast. Makes a great gift!
The Sony VX1000: it films skateboarding, it answers email, it butters your toast. Makes a great gift!

stodest: Which cam do you like more, your Sony VX1000 or VX2000? Why?
I like the VX1000 so much more--just everything about it is more enjoyable to work with. I really like filming fisheye--maybe a little too much--but in my opinion, the colors look better in the 1000. The 1000 is so old now, it feels like it could break at any time. The 2000 definitely has its advantages, so it’s nice to have both as an option, but most skaters prefer the 1000, as well.

sk8s_in_montucky: Who are the best skaters you’ve worked with? Why?
That’s a tough one. I’ve had the chance to work with so many great skaters and people. I started out filming Paul Rodriguez, Mike Taylor, Spanky, T-Puds, Mark Gutterman and a few others. That was one of the most fun times of my life. Eric Koston is a great person to hang around and skate with, as well. Lately, I’ve been really hyped on skating with all the éS dudes. They are all my friends, and with them, it never feels like a job. Bobby Worrest may be the funniest person I know. I can’t forget Mike Barker, either. We have put in hundreds of hours together going out skating. He is awesome!

Red: How did you end up being a pro filmer? Did it just fall into place, or were you trying to become one?
I still never think of myself as a "pro filmer." I just got really lucky and skated with people who ended up getting sponsored. I was just kind of there, and was always motivated to go out skating. I filmed for City Stars for a couple of months, and one day, the old éS Team Manager Tony E. called and asked me to film for éS. I was at work when he called, and I remember hanging the phone up and quitting right there. Sorry, Skatelab! Ty Evans also helped me out a lot with pointers and letting me film the Girl guys all the time.

Red: After shaving, how long does it usually take for that sweet beard to grow back in?
Too quick! I get a five o’clock shadow as soon as I shave.

Red: What’s the craziest trick you’ve filmed?
I’ve definitely filmed some crazy P.J. stuff. Those lines on the butter benches were pretty shocking!

CheyneQuinn: What is your usual skate crew?
When I’m home, I usually skate with Justin Eldridge, Justin Schulte, Mike Barker, Hayden, Danny Garcia, Raymond Molinar, Mikey Taylor and the boys. We’ve got a big crew.

727 skateboarder: Do you skate with the team on filming trips, or do you only film them?
I skate with them every chance I get. I love skating. Sometimes it’s a problem, because skating is more fun than filming, but I know when I have to get behind the lens.

JUST SKATE: Before you became a pro filmer, did you ever have problems saving up for a camera, lens and all that? If so, how where you able to get money?
Well, I definitely had to save for a while. I worked a lot so I could afford my first camera. I would say it was well worth the savings, though.

Flipper: Double question: fish eye or regs? What’s your favorite type of filming: lines, aerial, etc.? Why?
Fisheye! Ha-ha. Too much fisheye. Lately, I’ve been into filming lines. It’s just so fun to roll around holding a camera!

KoRnholio8: How much time do you have to skate when you are a filmer? Can you list all the videos you have filmed for so far?
You get a lot of time to skate. The one problem is we go to spots that don’t really have things I want to ride, so those are the times that I don’t get to skate. I’m kind of scared of rails and stairs and stuff like that. I don’t even remember all the videos I’ve filmed for, sorry!

Sam: Do you ever grow tired of kids yelling, "Yeah, Scuba!" when they see you?
Surprisingly, that does happen. I don’t get upset when I hear that. It’s just funny, because I haven’t done anything for them to yell it. I just film skateboarding!

Wes H: What did you have to do to become such a world-class filmer? Did you go to school, or was it just knowing the right people?
Thanks for the compliment. I did take a couple of classes in school, but it really didn’t pertain to what I wanted to do. It’s more just knowing the right people. It sucks to say, but when you’re learning to film and you have Paul Rodriguez to skate with everyday, it makes things a little easier. Thanks, Paul!

Justin: Have you ever done a simple trick or a really awesome trick and someone filmed you?
For days! Nothing really awesome, though. It might be an Easter egg in the bonus section of YéS!

ohnnytsunami: Who is better at skating: you, Atiba Jefferson or Ty Evans?
First off, Ty rips! He takes us all out. Atiba kills the flatground game, but the last time we skated together, I handled him on the ledges. I wish I could flip my board like Atiba, though.

Ivankumamoto: Is there a time when you were filming someone and they couldn’t get their trick, and then you said or did something that made them land it later, or get hurt?
All the time. I usually offer Bobby chicken fried steak! Ha-ha.

azn_Steez: How did you go from being a filmer with a sick-ass name to the éS Team Manager?
It was a super-natural transition. All of the éS team riders had my back, the offer came about, and I was promised that I would only have to work in the office once a week. When you’re the filmer, you always kind of know what’s going on in the streets. Most Team Managers sit around in the office all day, and I never wanted to be like that. éS doesn’t want me to sit around in the office all day, either, so I’m always out in the trenches with the guys. It’s a pretty sweet deal!

GetThunderStruck: Hey, Scuba! I’d like to know if you really do like rotten bananas?
No way!

troytx03: What does it take to be a great filmer?
Ask Ty Evans or Mike Manzoori! I wouldn’t know.

j_luce: How do you get your beard so nicely trimmed? What’s your secret? Thanks. Keep on keeping on.
Well, lately, I’ve been using clippers with a No. 2 guard. I trim it up nicely, then I clean the neck and cheeks up with a razor. I do it every two weeks, so it doesn’t get out of control. When I go on trips, I run with it and come back looking like an NHL player after the playoffs.

webbsuprts4: Was skating part of your life before filming? Or did you go to college to be a professional videographer and then get into skateboarding?
Hell, no! I did it because I love it. When you’re a little guy, you and your friends are always going skating and taking turns filming each other. I just kept doing it when my friends quit and met some awesome people who were still down to skate. I got super lucky and every day of my life, I am grateful to be able to do what I do. I keep thinking the feeling is going to end, but it keeps going, I love my job!

starbait45: What event or video made you decide you were going to become a filmer?
Honestly, when I watched Modus, something about that video really got to me, and made me want to stick with filming. Thanks again, Ty!

Jesus: Have you ever been frightened or nervous by an accident with one of the skaters?
Yeah, definitely. I’ve seen some people get really hurt on a skateboard, which is never a fun thing to be around. Just the other day, I had to save Torey Pudwill’s life. He almost skated in front of a car and I had to stiff-arm him, inches before an accident.

Caffeenwheels: When you made the transition from local filmer to éS filmer, what was the best feeling?
Well, this may sound weird, but when I got my first box from éS, I remember going to the skatepark in some fresh brown Accels, skating around thinking how hyped I am to be part of éS!

Honey, I'm going to take a lil' dip in the pool before dinner. Honey? You still there? You're breaking up.
"Honey, I'm going to take a lil' dip in the pool before dinner. Honey? You still there? You're breaking up."

teddyhall: Does it ever hype you up to have the same name as the infamous Scuba Steve from Adam Sandler’s Big Daddy? It would be cool if you actually went scuba diving often…well, sort of, I guess.
Truthfully, I hated my nickname for the longest time, but it’s stuck and there is nothing I can do about it now. I’ve never been scuba diving and have no plans to, but I guess I should try it one day!

Jesse612: What made you decide to start filming skateboarding instead of pursuing a career in skateboarding yourself? What’s it like being the Team Manager of one of the best shoe brands ever?

There was never a thought in my mind of becoming a professional skateboarder, because I suck at skating. Being the éS Team Manager is really fun. I also like to be involved with all the other aspects of the brand--it’s really interesting how much goes on besides the skateboarding. Everyone at éS is awesome to work with. The two Matts--Willigan and Sharkey--hold it down!

masonlocke: What’s the most fantastic thing about being a filmer?
Well, I do love to film. The best thing is gathering up all the footage and watching it on the computer. There's a weird sense of accomplishment you get. I also don’t have a set schedule, so that is awesome, too. Oh yeah, I can’t forget the travel and being able to work with awesome people.

derrick_skater: So, what is it like filming for P.J. Ladd? What was it like filming the Flip video?
It was intense filming for the Flip video. P.J. and I filmed it all in less than two months. We both kinda gave up our entire lives to do it, and I am so happy that it worked out. We had a great time doing it, and I was better at skating than I ever was, too. P.J. is an amazing skateboarder and so fun to watch in person.

.iamdannyboy: Do certain pros have specific camera angles that they prefer?
Yes and no. Sometimes, they have suggestions, and sometimes their suggestions are right. It all depends on the spot, the trick, and the lighting. Sun glare is one of the most unavoidable and annoying things. You have to learn to work around it.

Iceman: Do you skate with the team riders after you guys are done? If so, what’s your favorite flip and who is the most fun to skate around with?
I skate with the guys all the time, before and after. My favorite flip would be the half-Cab kickflip, it works best for me!

cohdeeraymos: How did the legendary name Scuba Steve come about?
This topic is quite controversial. I always thought it was a way to make Spanky feel like he is not the only one with a silly nickname. But lately, I heard that Mark Gutterman coined it. However it happened, it came from the movie Big Daddy.

Keithhh: With the huge amounts of kids with cameras nowadays, do you think you would still pursue the same life again if you were a kid growing up?
For sure, there is nothing I’d rather be doing. I may not have got as lucky as I did, though!

side19: What is your advice for anyone who is aspiring to be a skateboard cinematographer like yourself?
Don’t expect anything to happen quickly. I put in years of free filming to get lucky enough to get a job filming. You need to be passionate about what you do, as well. That goes with everything in life. You can tell when someone cares about something they’re doing, or if they just treat it like a job to get through the day.

Urine: About how old were you when you were really able to start growing that beard out?
I think it was after high school or so. I never tried when I was younger, but I went for it when I was about 19.

Plan B_09: Do you ever make suggestions to the pros as to what they should film?
Yes. I don’t like to do that, but sometimes it can be helpful. We all have visions and it can be good to express them with each other. Some people don’t like it, and others do.

jimmo308: What editing program do you use? I know amateur filmers don’t make good money, but I love skateboarding so much! Would you encourage me to pursue filming as a career? How long have you been filming?
I use Final Cut Pro. Most people use it now. I would say if you love it, keep doing it. But do it because you love it, and if a career happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, you at least enjoyed your time pursuing it. I started filming when I was about 15. I’m 24 now, so about nine years.

Krudbenco: Who is the hardest pro to film with (biggest whiner?)
I’m gonna leave this one unanswered. Ha-ha! No one that I film with is that bad. I get to skate with people I like.

andrew: When you have two great clips and you have to edit one out, what do you do? Coin toss?
I use them both!

kevin(thatfilmerkid): How can I become a filmer for a team? How did you save up for cameras when you were a kid?
It sucks to say, but knowing the dudes on the team is usually the best way to get a job. I had to work 40 hours a week to buy a camera.

jimmo308: What is a good editing program for short money?
Final Cut Pro Studio. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but it gets the job done!

JUST SKATE: I have a question about the Active site contest. Is it about how good the filming is, how good the skateboarding is, how good the editing is, or all mixed together?
It’s the filming and editing. Good luck!

littleapples: Hey Scuba, you’re really handsome. Anyways, what is your favorite type of tapes to film on?
Thanks! I use Sony tapes, the ones in the blue packaging.

JasonHawk: Have you ever filmed someone trying a trick for, like, 15 minutes and when they finally made it, the battery died or you weren’t paying attention?
The longer a trick takes, I definitely lose a little interest, and I have fucked up more than my share of tricks. "Can you do that one more time?" Ha-ha. I try to stay focused, but I have filmed people trying things for hours before. It’s a hard thing to stay positive the whole time, but you’ve got to remember it’s harder for the skater!

clESsic: Do you spend time checking different angles at spots, or do you just know where you’re gonna film from the start?
I definitely run around and change angles at first, then I find one I like, go home, watch the footage and wish I had filmed the other angle I found.

This is how Scuba Steve looks when he arrives home after a six-week filming mission.
This is how Scuba Steve looks when he arrives home after a six-week filming mission.

James_Allen_Davis: What do you suggest as "basic essential equipment" for somebody who’s on a budget but still wants to make good quality footage? I’m considering using a Mac for editing, etc.
A Mac, for sure. I don’t feel comfortable on a PC. If you can, go on eBay and get a Sony VX1000. You can find them for about a grand now. I know that’s a lot of money, but then again, everything is expensive. The one drawback with the 1000 is that they are so old! It’s a tough call. Just think about if you really love filming before you drop all that money!

StevieJ: How do you like the life of a pro skate filmer and just being in the skateboard industry?
I love it! You know that feeling you get when Summer vacation starts every year? Well, I feel like that all the time!

The interview is over. Don't ask any more questions.


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