éS Fender Guitar Contest Winner!

Posted July 9, 2007 by éS

Congrats to Chase W. of Two Harbors, Minnesota for winning our Fender Guitar Contest. For his efforts, Chase received a free limited-edition Fender 60th Anniversary Standard Stratocaster®, a pair of éS Anti-Social shoes and a complete skateboard.

Chase explained in 20 words or less why he deserved the prize: "Since my dad left, I've picked up guitar as a form of therapy. Skateboarding also helps clear my mind." His answer--plus the fact that his MySpace page proved that he really skates and plays guitar, AND the fact that he actually emailed me back--makes him the winner.

Honorable Mention

"My cousin was murdered last Monday night, and I really need to write a song!"--Jayne B.

"I'm just a kid and life is a nightmare."--Ashley C.

"I deserve these items because I am Robot Jesus. If you give me these prizes, I will end world hunger."--Logan M.

"I think I should get this package because I pee in my own mouth in the shower. Yep, I do."--Alex D.

"What's the question?"--Twain G.

"Read between the lines: you must pick me as the winner, or you will turn into a monkey."--Michael P.

"I deserve this rad package because I'm profusely bleeding out of my gums after getting my wisdom teeth ripped out."--Bryan B.

"I need a guitar to play at rehearsal, a deck to get there, and my initials are on the shoe."--Enzo S.

"Two of my most sacred joys are playing music and skateboarding. I would use these prizes constantly and enjoy them immensely."--Simon L.

"No one deserves any prize. Let's allow the random nature of the universe to determine the winner!"--Sam E.

"I'm a disastrous guitar player and a pitiful rider with stinking feet, but I still loving doing both."--Cheramy S.

"I need the guitar to drown out my girlfriend's bitching and the deck and shoes to skate away. Please."--Brendan H.

"Life in Belgium is good. Last month, we had 26 days of rain, which, ironically, were my only available skating days. Thank God my board absorbed most of the rain--even though kids started crying, thinking I had killed Spongebob. When skating fails, getting pissdrunk on Belgium's finest beer will get you trough the night. You might even lose your right brown/gum Accel shoe trying to find a tree to piss on. Anyway, Belgians never win anything anyway--we're too busy enjoying life. I suggest you try that, too. See ya!"--Korst

"I like cupcakes, platapusses and sleep in the closet because my parents don't want me to sleep with sexy girls."--Vince

"I am a probation/parole officer and when people screw up, they'll have to listen to me play."--Raymond M.


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There's 7 responses to "éS Fender Guitar Contest Winner!"

  1. how old is this contest? you guys don't even make the anti social anymore

    sk8s_in_montucky Posted: 7 years ago
  2. Most skate shoes don't stay around more than a couple of seasons.

    Garry Posted: 7 years ago
  3. yeah...except the accel

    sk8s_in_montucky Posted: 7 years ago
  4. I said most.

    Garry Posted: 7 years ago
  5. Did someone say MySpace?

    Josh P. Posted: 7 years ago
  6. I have to win the deck ,shoes and that gitar

    Jersain ruiz Posted: 6 years ago
  7. ur page rocks..............

    luis Posted: 5 years ago

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