éS 757 Tour Report

Posted July 12, 2007 by éS

The éS team and superflow riders Mike Barker and Kelly Hart just returned from the East Coast. We went out to the Northeast Corridor to do a few signings and demos, as well as skate and have a good time.

Special Sauce.

Saturday, June 9—Our first stop was New York, where we headed out deep into Long Island to Special Sauce. Soon after we arrived, an impromptu breakdancing session started. We saw some wild moves go down and all the guys were impressed. Bobby Worrest and Barker also had a hamburger-eating contest while signing autographs. I believe that Barker won, as he is quite a carnivore.

NJ Skate Shop.

After the Sauce, we headed out to Jersey. On the East Coast, cities seem a lot closer together, so we thought a 60-mile drive would be nothing--at least it would be nothing in Southern California. Well, we were wrong. Harsh Long Island traffic ensued and our 60-mile pleasure cruise turned into three hour time-consuming monster. So, when we finally arrived at NJ Skateshop, it was on the brink of getting dark. We managed to get to the skatepark and get a few runs in before Mother Nature shut us down. Bobby worked on his invert--something he should probably be doing in private--and McCrank did a Miller Flip in the deep end.


Sunday, June 10—Next on our agenda was KCDC. We got to skate with some of the Cliché guys, as well as the Gonz. Danny, Rick and Bobby all shredded the mini-ramp while Justin and Rodrigo had an intense flatground session in front of the store. Next stop was the Zumiez Couch Tour, where we were treated to a life of luxury by Zumiez. We were in Jersey right outside of Philly and the éS team demoed until it started pouring. Then autographs were signed for a record-setting three hours.


Wednesday, June 13—After we got enough Jersey, we headed out to Philly, actually G-Spot in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania. When we arrived, another hamburger-eating contest ensued. This time, it was between Eldridge, Rodrigo, Bobby and Barker. I think that Barker might have won again. I remember him mentioning something about four hamburgers. Well, after we were done signing, all the kids wanted to play SKATE against Danny and Barker, and being the good sports that these guys are, they were up to the challenge. Danny and Barker handled the kids at flatground, and shortly after that, we hit the turnpike and headed back to Bobby’s homeland of Washington DC.


Thursday, June 14—Our next stop was Owen’s in Waldorf, Maryland. I figured this would be easy, a signing 40 minutes away at 6:00 in the evening. There was no way we could be late to this one, right? Well, I guess I forgot to consider the extreme jet lag that the guys were fighting from the West Coast. After trusting Bobby, the DC local, for directions, we finally got a move on things. Soon after leaving, we realized that Bobby had sent us in the complete wrong direction and we had to loop all the way around the city and fight some rush hour traffic. When we arrived at Owen’s, the turnout was huge. It was a really fun signing and everyone was very understanding of our tardiness.


Friday, June 15—The last stop we had was at Pitcrew, Bobby’s home shop! We stopped by his childhood home to meet his parents on the way out to Frederick. When we arrived at Pitcrew, the guys signed a few autographs and headed out to the skatepark to roll around for a lil' bit. Justin and Rodrigo killed it. We skated until it got dark, did the usual spray-paint the hood of a kid’s car, sign a forehead and a product toss, then headed back to DC in traffic, as always. Two things I learned on this trip is that LA traffic isn’t so bad after all, and most importantly, Justin wishes our fan base was a little older. (I think he is referring to the girls.)--Scuba Steve

Look for a full éS 757 Tour Gallery coming soon.


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  1. nice the special sauce one was ill, is there gonna be a video of it though?

    zooyork15 Posted: 7 years ago
  2. Video schmideo. Yeah, we might post a clip...someday.

    Garry Posted: 7 years ago
  3. ill tour, whats pj been up too?

    NOMXPXFX Posted: 7 years ago
  4. Review: éS a la Carte Europe Tour!
    check this link: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&VideoID=14297272
    it is a small review from the tourstop in cologne, germany. Special thanks to all éS skaters who come to cologne!

    NO thanks to the german éS team manager who didn't let me film next to the skaters. so the clips during the demo aren't so nice.

    cya next time in germany

    citoki Posted: 7 years ago

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