Danny Garcia Shoe Commercial

Posted September 12, 2007 by éS

danny-garcia-shoe.mov (11 MB) iPod™-friendly

Scope this buttery footage of Danny Garcia skating and introducing his éS pro model shoe of the same name. Chill music provides a nice backdrop for Danny to talk about his inspiration for the shoe and describe some of its colorways and features.

Buy the Danny Garcia shoe right now at a store near you.


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There's 6 responses to "Danny Garcia Shoe Commercial"

  1. that was beautiful, and the shoe looks pretty good..

    denacem Posted: 7 years ago
  2. hey!!!!!!!! I just watched the eSPECIAL, and PJ Ladd's part has only 7 tricks!!!! why??!!! Haven't he been filming a lot???? Is there going to be a longer video or what? I was waiting for his part for years now please tell me what happened somebody garry or somebody pleaseee I want to cry!!!!!!

    sougaku Posted: 7 years ago
  3. the shoes are ok, i had the first black seude white sole ones that came out..dannys sick

    zooyork15 Posted: 7 years ago
  4. yeah...good stuff

    sk8s_in_montucky Posted: 7 years ago
  5. ;_____; please somebody answer me, tell me that YeS is still comming out.

    sougaku Posted: 7 years ago
  6. As far as I understod, éSpecial was a tour-video.
    YéS should still be comming out.

    Hally Posted: 7 years ago

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