Team Report 10-29-07

Posted October 29, 2007 by éS

As usual, it's been a minute since our last Team Report. It has been super windy out here in SoCal for the last couple of weeks, and also very smoky. Things are hopefully starting to mellow out, though!

Last week, most of the éS team was out at Active Chino to watch éSpecial with the kids and sign autographs and throw out product.

Let's start with Rick McCrank. He was down in Los Angeles for a couple of weeks, skating GvR and the Downtown Showdown. Rick did very well at both contests, receiving the MVP award at GvR and Top Pro at the Downtown Showdown. Congrats, Rick, and enjoy the beautiful Fall weather up in Vancouver!

Rodrigo Tx. stopped by the éS offices yesterday to say hello. He has been skating around SoCal and filming for the upcoming Flip video.

Justin Eldridge has been skating a ton lately. He has a new ledge up in his hometown of Santa Clarita that he put metal coping on. Justin is so proud of his work. If you're up there, stop by for a quick back tail--he will more than likely be around.

Cale Nuske has returned down under. He was in Los Angeles for a month and went home to celebrate his 22nd birthday. Cale is planning to head out to Europe in a lil' bit to get started on a new Cliché part.

Javier Sarmiento was recently in Tokyo for a Volcom store opening. Now he is in Spain playing flamenco guitar and skating marble plazas.

Nyjah Huston is back in Puerto Rico with his family and friends. He has been back and forth between there and SoCal a bunch in the last couple months, skating contests and shooting and filming photos.

Silas Baxter-Neal is with Danny Garcia and Raymond Molinar on a Habitat demo and signing trip in the Western United States. Keep a lookout for them if they're in your area. Also, if you live in the Inland Empire, go to Liberty Boardshop or Active in Rancho Cucamonga to check out Inhabitants!

Bobby Worrest also spent a couple of quality weeks in Los Angeles with an impromptu day trip to San Francisco to get some Spitfires and a tattoo. So, at Bobb's request, a convertible PT Cruiser was rented for the day. He is now back in DC with his pow-wow.

Danny Garcia recently celebrated his 28th birthday, as well. Tell him happy b-day when you see him.

Check out éS flow rider Mike Anderson in the "Matix Ams Going Green" tour article in issue 45 of The Skateboard Mag. He has some nice stuff in there. Keep an eye out our for fellow éS flow rider Luan de Oliveira, as well. He has been shredding all over Southern California the last couple of months.


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There's 14 responses to "Team Report 10-29-07"

  1. what about P.J.?

    He's not off the team is he?

    black matt Posted: 7 years ago
  2. [...] unknown wrote an interesting post today on Team Report 10-29-07Here’s a quick excerpt [...]

    Judburmese.Com » Team Report 10-29-07 Posted: 7 years ago
  3. PJ Ladd will quit skating soon, he obviously doesn't enjoy it anymore, any recent video would confirm it.

    sougaku Posted: 7 years ago
  4. no...pj isnt quiting skating hes switching onto dc from what ive heard..

    zooyork15 Posted: 7 years ago
  5. where's Nyjah?

    geordi13 Posted: 7 years ago
  6. back in puerto rico, can u read??

    Plan B_09 Posted: 7 years ago
  7. In other news, PJ Ladd died trying switch back heel over the El Toro handrail

    Plan B_09 Posted: 7 years ago
  8. itd make sense if he bounced for dc, a couple of his plan b homies r there so why nott

    jaxterx10 Posted: 7 years ago
  9. doesnt mean es doesnt have bangin ass shoes

    jaxterx10 Posted: 7 years ago
  10. QUOTE:

    Plan B_09 says:
    10/30/07 at 07:10

    In other news, PJ Ladd died trying switch back heel over the El Toro handrail
    Whaha yeah right

    nathan P. Posted: 7 years ago
  11. Why would PJ Ladd quit skating es for dc??

    rbskt411 Posted: 7 years ago
  12. pussy whipped by danny way, dc shoes

    fourstar Posted: 7 years ago
  13. where's mike barker at?

    fourstar Posted: 7 years ago
  14. caratimberland no se si lees esto, pero im in LA,llamame o algo no dog?

    curry Posted: 7 years ago

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