éS Spring 2008 Footwear and Apparel!

Posted January 4, 2008 by éS

Scope all the brand-new éS Spring 2008 Footwear and Apparel! There are a whole truckload of new shoe models to choose from, including the Arcane, the Garcia 2, the Holbrook, the Iliad, the Inlet, the Inter, the Prequel Mid and the Sirio; plus new colorways of all your old favorites.

Don't forget to check out all the nifty new éS Apparel items like the Esley Collection, including a cap, t-shirt, hood and denim; the Eighties Collection, including a beanie, t-shirt, polo and socks; and the Dirty Money Collection, including a cap, t-shirt and hood. Choose your favorites and buy 'em all down at your nearest éS dealer.


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There's 5 responses to "éS Spring 2008 Footwear and Apparel!"

  1. prequel mid?? niiiiiiiiiiiiiiicccccccccccccceeeeeeee

    Plan B_09 Posted: 7 years ago
  2. the arcance are sick

    Geordi Posted: 7 years ago
  3. hola me parece que és olvida el skate colombiano pilas traigas tennis vacanos y baratos

    fabian Posted: 6 years ago
  4. I really just love those prequel mids and i also just want to say that they are totally fab

    T-rowdy Posted: 6 years ago
  5. i just got the square ones there amazing

    essssssssssssssusawsome Posted: 6 years ago

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