Javier Sarmiento Mini-Ramp Clip!

Posted January 29, 2008 by éS

Scope this sweet footy of éS team rider Javier Sarmiento shredding some ramps he helped build in his hometwon of Vitoria, Spain.


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There's 6 responses to "Javier Sarmiento Mini-Ramp Clip!"

  1. that was cute

    leotheskata Posted: 7 years ago
  2. wow hehe.. great seen news from Javier Sarmiento.. .. he is amazing.. i hope to hear more from him in the website.. is he still without a board sponsor?...He deservess a promodel.. i wonder y does he still doesnt have one.. because he been in the industry for so long.. n still is one of the most underated skaters.. still definition of pure skateboarder

    faip Posted: 7 years ago
  3. Yes, he did recently acquire a deck sponsor, but now I can't remember the name of it.

    Garry Posted: 7 years ago
  4. word

    realmess Posted: 7 years ago
  5. sweet minis and nice skating Javier! =]

    Geordi Posted: 7 years ago
  6. I think he is now on Cliche, if that is true, Cliche will had one of the greates teams on skate ind.

    Manuga Posted: 5 years ago

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