Team Report 02-04-08

Posted February 4, 2008 by éS

Rick McCrank is gonna be heading down under soon with Girl for the Globe World Cup, as well as a Girl tour!

Rodrigo Tx. is down in Sao Paulo, Brazil, hanging with his family and finishing up his part in the next Flip video. He will be out in good ol' Los Angeles shortly.

Justin Eldridge is in China right now with Chocolate. Check Crailtap for updates from Justin and the Chocolate team from the road.

Cale Nuske is getting ready to endure a plane half way around the world to come and skate in Los Angeles with Scuba. Look out for Cale's part in the new Cliché Déjà Vu video.

Javier Sarmiento is enjoying the “mad hi-tech gadgets” he requested in his éS shoes. Javi has been skating with his friends in a Spanish warehouse to avoid the harsh Basque winters.

Nyjah Huston is down in beautiful Puerto Rico with the family, and will be heading out to the West Coast sooner rather than later.

Silas Baxter-Neal is filming with Adam Crew for the newest Toebock endeavor, which should be coming out soon.

Photos by Rob Brink

Since he recently turned pro, Bobby Worrest felt it was the perfect time to attend his first Tampa Am contest. He didn’t even make it past the qualifiers. Sorry, Bob. But, as we recently reported, he did make a comeback when he won second place in Lord of the Lines a minute later.

Along with Silas and Rayloco, Danny Garcia has been busy finishing up TréS Amigos , which is a new free éS DVD available with the purchase of any of the shoes from the éS + Habitat Collection.

Raymond Molinar is on a cross-country trip with his lady, taking some time off of his hectic skateboarding schedule. Raymond also filmed for TréS Amigos for a few days in San Francisco with Scuba, Mike Manzoori, Atiba Jefferson and Kevin Terpening.

éS flow rider Mike Anderson’s 411 part came out. He wanted a song to go along with it instead of his own phone conversation, in case you were wondering.

éS flow rider Austyn Gillette hasn't finished writing any novels this month. We're gonna have to tell his teacher!


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There's 9 responses to "Team Report 02-04-08"

  1. Where can I get a big eS sticker like Raymond Molinar has?

    G - rant Posted: 7 years ago
  2. Adobe.

    Josh P. Posted: 7 years ago
  3. mike barker? is he still on es?

    jaceun Posted: 7 years ago
  4. You guys said that Nyjah was returning shortly from Puerto Rico last team report.

    He's been down there for almost a month! How long is he stayin?

    Geordi Posted: 7 years ago
  5. Yeah, Raymond Molinar's big eS sticker would look good on my board to, but I don't think they sell 'em in stores.

    Geordi Posted: 7 years ago
  6. "He’s been down there for almost a month! How long is he stayin?"

    He'll be down there for at least three more Team Reports.

    Garry Posted: 7 years ago
  7. he must have a house down there.

    Geordi Posted: 7 years ago
  8. is javier with a board sponsor? mmm and c mon ES when its Javier's pro model shoe going to come out..?!!?!?!?!?!?

    faip Posted: 7 years ago
  9. is javier with a board sponsor?

    Yes, but I can't remember the name.

    Garry Posted: 7 years ago

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