Arcane Poetry Contest Winner!

Posted April 14, 2008 by éS

Congratulations to Brent M. of Pleasantville, Pennsylvania for winning our Arcane Poetry Contest with the following poem:

A riddle wrapped
in a shoe.
A mystery made
of fabric and glue.
This is your escape
from the mundane:

Brent's compositional skills netted him three free pairs of éS shoes--including a pair of the Cassette Mid signed by Rodrigo Tx. Thanks to everyone who entered.


Honorable Mention

Shoes so hot, they drive me insane!
Stylish, hip, hoping to win.
Show all my friends with a devilish grin!
--Tatiana W. of Bronx, New York

If you're feeling blue or just indigo,
get some Arcane shoes, that'll work fo' sho.
When you do your tricks, they'll make you freaking glow!
--Samantha P.

Walk the earth, seek the birth
of skating's grand skeem
and find your thirst in your footsteps
leave one name.
Grace, consistence, wear Arcane.
--Jay S. of Farwell, Michigan

Everytime I step out,
it's in my Arcane kicks.
You know they're soon to be classics
like Bruce Lee flicks.
--Kareem D. of Mississauga, Canada

Arcane is skateboarding: known and understood by few.
Simple bliss to those who do.
Mysterious and obscure, too,
but nothing more than pure and true.
--Liam C. of Ipswich, Suffolk, United Kingdom

This oughta put it to rest:
the Arcanes are the best.
Slip these kicks on your dogs,
skate like Rodrigo Tx.
--Benjamin H. of Winterville, North Carolina

The air rips by, feelin' insane.
Roll the world by, wearing Arcane.
The tricks, the stunts, asphalt grit, acid rain.
Victory sweeter, goin' Arcane.
--Christie J. of Cataula, Goergia

The Arcane grips
like a desperate housewife.
Breaths like mesh,
flicks with control.
Rough like meth,
strong like a skull.
Made clean to death.
--Doug of East Hartford, Connecticut

How can you describe the éS Arcane?
Whether cruising Cali or Barcelona, Spain.
Kickflips, blunts, hammers or tech,
GET THIS SHOE! You'll feel no regret.
--Dustin K. of Granby, Connecticut

From the board to the club,
you know how I roll.
Pickin' up hunnies,
mackin' hoes.
I'm kickin' that Arcane,
it's got the lightest sole.
--Alex H. of Howell, Michigan

I met a man upon a street.
I asked, "What are those things you gave your feet?"
He said to me, "Why, they're the éS Arcane."
I went to mom and started to complain.
"I need the new éS Arcane,
and if I don't, I wont stop crying,
so hurry up and just start buying!"
--Tex C. of Coledale, Australia

The new insane éS Arcane.
There's just one question that I have to do.
Do you wear the shoe, or does the shoe wear you?
--Daniel K. of Norwich, Connecticut

When we skate, we take a pounding
and the pain can be astounding.
But, I got Arcanes for my terrain
to maintain in all surroundings.
--Nick S. of Middletown, Ohio

éS Arcane shoes are so sweet,
almost good enough to eat.
But, I'll wear them on my feet.
Then I know that I'll look neat.
--Richard B.

Lighter on my feet, and still keeping it street.
The Arcane was birthed into the game.
Always skate for the love, not the fame.
--Bruce W. of Kendall Park, New Jersey

Roll up to the rail.
Lay the trick down like butter.
The shoe is Arcane.
--Tyler W. of Plainfield, Indiana


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