Scope My Footy: Billy Moyle

Posted April 18, 2008 by éS (14 MB) iPod-friendly

Billy Moyle
Missoula, Montana
Age: 20

Scope Billy's bodacious footy right now and leave a comment. Note: It’s all just for fun, not to get sponsored or flowed by éS.


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There's 9 responses to "Scope My Footy: Billy Moyle"

  1. I SEE THIS KID AT FLIPSIDE ALL THE TIME!!! (the indoor park in the video with the table) HE SNAPS A BOARD EVERY DAY!! one time i saw him do a 50-50 tre-flip out just randomly from nowhere like first time.

    Halvorson Posted: 7 years ago
  2. sick thats all i have to say

    dclaudio2004 Posted: 7 years ago
  3. talk about a small runway

    little perry Posted: 7 years ago
  4. Billy is so good! This was all throw away footy, his full part will premiere in the Fol!o skateboards video later this year.....

    victornomics Posted: 7 years ago
  5. That's my boy!
    He's been rippin' it up with me since the 5th grade.
    Congratulations, Bill-Gnar.

    Newsty Posted: 7 years ago
  6. Wow, i remember him when he was only 12, he was awesome then too!! Everyone knew he would go pro.

    shanjayden Posted: 7 years ago
  7. skateboarding and carpet... thats all he knows. Grip it and rip it bill

    mohar Posted: 7 years ago
  8. Right On!
    I Love this kid!

    _@Rs_ Posted: 6 years ago
  9. man i used to skate with him back in the day, we lived in the same town.. good times, sick skills bro

    Levi anderson Posted: 6 years ago

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