Team Report 04-30-08

Posted April 30, 2008 by éS

Rick and Scuba at Leeside.

Rick McCrank is currently up in Vancouver with Scuba and Atiba Jefferson, filming and shooting photos. Rick also just returned from Budapest, Hungary, where he is working on a new project.

Rodrigo Tx. is down under right now, on a skate trip with a new clothing sponsor that you should all know about soon. Rodrigo is still working on his Flip video part and getting ready to head out to Europe soon, as well.

Justin Eldridge has been skating and filming with Ty Evans for the upcoming Chocolate video. Justin is also heading out to Hawaii soon to celebrate his brother’s birthday.

Cale Nuske.

Cale Nuske is back down under, shredding around the streets of Adelaide. He is getting ready to head out to Japan this month, as well. Look for Cale with our brand-new Screen shoe in all of the latest éS ads.

Speaking of Europe, a member of the Spanish Mafia, Javier Sarmiento, or Javi, as we like to call him, has been relaxing in the Basque country, awaiting warmer weather.

Nyjah Huston was in SoCal recently, checking in with all the homies and grabbing some shoes for himself and the family. Nyjah is currently in Barcelona, ripping up some marble.

Silas Baxter-Neal was also in SoCal for Earth Day, and he spent it at Active with the Elwood team.

Bobby Worrest.

Bobby Worrest has been back and forth between both coasts as of late. He has been collecting tattoos, as well. Every time we see him, he has a new one. Bobby also shaved his beard and clogged up Scuba’s sink. It took a lot of Draino to push that gnarly beard on down the pipe.

Danny Garcia has been working on shoe designs and skating around town. He has also been enjoying the NBA playoffs.

Raymond Molinar has been collecting every pack of Polaroid film he can find, since news broke that they will soon stop making it forever.

éS Flow World


Mike Anderson was just in Arizona on a lil' Matix skate trip. He has been holding down the streets of Los Angeles, skating and enjoying the stoop life while on semi-permanent housesitting duty for a family member.

Austyn Gillette has been putting the finishing touches on a New Jack interview for The Skateboard Mag, which should be out in the near future.

Kevin Romar.

Kevin Terpening was recently out in Arizona with Scuba, Mike Anderson, Kevin Romar and Cale Nuske on a short filming trip, so look for a web clip to come soon. Speaking of Kevin, congrats to him for finally getting his driver's license.

Arizona crew.

Also, check out the new 411 to see Australian éS rider Bryce Golder’s part, as well as Oz flow rider Robert Lim’s footy.


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  1. Yee ROMAR!! bringin the fresh back to `eS. ! kid is siick

    essk8123 Posted: 7 years ago
  2. Yes, maybe finally we'll get some new footy from Nyjah. Haven't seen anything in a while. =]

    Geordi Posted: 7 years ago
  3. yeeuuh kmar puttin it down for cypress =D straight out the dirty ghetto big ups to peeps still rockin koston 3's

    turtleskate Posted: 5 years ago

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