Scope My Footy: Darrin Joe

Posted May 6, 2008 by éS (16 MB) iPod-friendly

Darrin Joe
Anaheim, California
Age: 16

Scope Darrin's footy right now and leave a comment. Note: It’s all just for fun, not to get sponsored or flowed by éS.


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There's 4 responses to "Scope My Footy: Darrin Joe"

  1. Honestly, I dont understand how such non-extreeme/gnarly dooods (like you) get to be on this. i mean come on a hardflip? how basic can you get! i didnt see one casper! your video sucks and i bet your whole skate krew does too. and on top of all of that, YOUR ASIAN! i mean how can you even see your board?!?! you need to get a race change an turn indian.. us indians are the reall shredders!

    -Harold aka Hairy-Dog

    Extreeme-Gnarly-Dood Posted: 6 years ago
  2. nice man,

    dont let ass holes with bad comments bring u down.


    ChambersJapan Posted: 6 years ago
  3. Dont listen to gnarly fag. He obviously doesnt know anything about skating. Hard flips are called HARDflips for a reason. Keep skating hard. It was a good part

    Paddy Boy Posted: 6 years ago
  4. worst fucking video ive ever seen in my life....HOW EMBARRESING!. doood you really suck

    -God is love

    xtremeshreddar11 Posted: 6 years ago

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