You, éS, Eh? Day 1: Brea

Posted July 6, 2008 by brink

Day 1 of the You, éS, Eh? Tour! kicked off with a signing and éS Game of SKATE today at Liberty Boardshop in Brea, CA. While the crew did their thing at Liberty, Justin Eldridge was across town at Active for a Girl/Chocolate signing. Since they say a picture speaks 1,000 words, here's 12,000 words that won't take you hours to read!

Kelly Hart's mom dropped him off...

Then he loaded his gear on the new van!

Afro dude was there!

Kevin Romar was checkin out the new van too!

Not too sure Mike Anderson's ready for a lot of driving across the continent yet...

The crew checks the route!

Nyjah's ready!

Danny makes plaid look goooooood.

Where's Bobby?

Austyn looking dapper.

Scuba's got fans too!

Fear not! Justin wasn't far away!


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There's 5 responses to "You, éS, Eh? Day 1: Brea"

  1. Good Luck Guys!

    mamamoohi Posted: 6 years ago
  2. the demo was gay i wanted to see nyjah houston i wanted to suck his dick -kristen

    kristen Posted: 6 years ago
  3. cool pics

    stevie Posted: 5 years ago
  4. I go to the skate park every day.I can skate better then you.

    Parker Sargent Posted: 5 years ago
  5. what the hell is wit afro dude?

    nyjahs fan Posted: 5 years ago

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