Adrian Blanca Art Tour!

Posted July 18, 2008 by brink

Wednesday July 9, 2008 at Street Machine, Paris

The first stop of the Adrian Blanca Art Tour presented by éS Footwear was a HUGE success at famous skate boutique Street Machine in Paris. Adrian Blanca, his artwork and his forthcoming collaboration collection were brilliantly received from the 500-strong guest list that was in attendance at the evening’s party. Street Machine was packed full of famous people, journalists, skaters and trendy Parisians.

The store looked amazing, as Adrian painted two murals on the walls inside especially for the event. Kids went so crazy for Adrian that they asked him to draw and sign their arms. Everyone wanted to buy his artwork, and when they realized it wasn’t for sale, they asked him to sign anything in their possession. It’s fair to say that Adrian was a huge hit with Paris.


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