Adrian Blanca Art Tour Update!

Posted July 22, 2008 by brink

Already a huge hit in Paris, the second leg of the Adrian Blanca Art Tour presented by éS travelled to Slam City Skates in London last week and was a huge success!

Adrian spent three whole days and nights (yes, nights without sleep) painting an enormous mural on a wall in Slam’s exhibition space in the downstairs area of their famous store in London’s Covent Garden. He added the finishing touches throughout the night during the private viewing. Adrian also exhibited a selection of limited-edition skateboard decks, shoes and artwork created especially for his European Art Tour.

Slam was packed to the seams with visitors who later spilled out into the surrounding area of Neal’s Yard for drinks and socialising. All were in awe of the staggeringly intricate detail to his work and people enjoyed being able to take the opportunity to quiz Adrian about his art.

Spanish beers and tapas flowed, much to everyone’s delight, and a few lucky VIP’s were stoked to be able to take home a signed limited-edition lithograph print of Adrian’s work. For those who couldn’t make it last week, the exhibition continues in Slam until the August 15, 2008, so be sure not to miss it! Check out some more photos!


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