More from the Virginia stop!

Posted August 7, 2008 by brink

scuba price es tour atlanta
Late night media sesh in Atlanta before heading to Virginia!

Caddyshack in the van es tour
This is what the crew looks like watching Caddyshack on the way to the demo

Sorry for the delay... So we arrive in Virginia for the Elite skateshop demo and the park was blitzed. Like so many kids and lurkers that it makes it kinda hard for us to do the demo, ya know? I'll prove it, k? See this lovely back smith that Mike Anderson did?

You éS Eh Virgina 1 (729 KB) iPod-friendly

Nice huh? Well then he was trying to it frontside out and this happened:

You éS Eh Virgina 2 (857 KB) iPod-friendly

Which resulted in this:

Mike Anderson Bleeding

So Mike had to cut out early and get some butterfly stitches. And just so you know, he was already skating on a jacked ankle:


Then the crew signed some shirts and while I rounded up some cuties and we all had a little fun by the van. Tony Karr got some:

You éS Eh Virgina 3 (1.76 MB) iPod-friendly

tony karr es tour

es girls virginia
Virginia is for lovers!

cale sara virginia
Cale's got that Australian charm...

tony karr cale nuske signing

More to come... stay tuned!


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  1. hell yeah guys. see soon

    monty Posted: 6 years ago
  2. Hell yeah but can I c some pussies in here

    bubble gum Posted: 5 years ago
  3. hell yeah, isee some love in it

    friccy Posted: 5 years ago

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