The Adrian Blanca Art Tour Continues!

Posted August 11, 2008 by brink

blanca amsterdam

Another great stop for the Adrian Blanca Art Tour in one of Amsterdam’s most innovative stores, Arrival Departure!

Following in the success of Paris and London, the third leg of Adrian Blanca’s European Art Tour was yet again a great success and highly attended by all the movers and shakers of Amsterdam.

blanca amsterdam

Arrival Departure was completely transformed for the occasion and ended up looking more like a funky gallery space than a shop floor. Adrian was stoked to see the crowd’s reaction to his artwork; however, the BIG attraction of the night had to be the enormous line drawing he continued to paint on the shop floor in the entrance throughout the duration of the event. To top it all off, the guys from the store printed Adrian Blanca wallpaper and wrapped the front entrance and windows with it. It looked pretty spectacular.

blanca amsterdam

Attendees also had the privilege to see and purchase the entire upcoming Adrian Blanca collection for éS footwear on the night.

When the sun went down, the exhibition turned into an outdoor summer’s party with Tapas, Sangria and a DJ spinning some funky Spanish-inspired beats. All were greatly welcomed by the guest who continued to groove into the night.

blanca amsterdam

Next stop: Wednesday 13th August, Oneoff, Stockholm. Check out the slideshow and video of the event!

blanca amsterdam


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