Win éS Shoes & Stalefish!

Posted August 11, 2008 by brink


Our good friend, Sean Mortimer, has a new book out and we are giving a few copies away along with some free éS shoes!

About Stalefish:

How is professional skateboarding different from, say, professional
golfing? More scabs, for one. And is skateboarding actually a sport? In Stalefish, veteran journalist and former sponsored skater Sean Mortimer interviews Rodney Mullen, Steve Olson, Tony Hawk, Stacy Peralta, Jamie Thomas, Lance Mountain, Tommy Guerrero, Mike Vallely, Dave Hackett, Daewon Song, Jim Fitzpatrick, Steve Alba, Kevin Harris, Bob Burnquist and Chris Haslam search of answers, and to discover what drove them and millions of disenfranchised youth to obsession with empty pools, sewer ditches and handrails. This book may not settle the sport versus subculture versus cult debate, but with stories of skate-induced ulcers, skatepark torture, ramp arson, trespassing, the birth punk and more, it captures like other how skateboarding can derail your life in a beautiful way.


Sean Mortimer was a sponsored skateboarder in the late ’80s. He is the former editor of SkateBoarder magazine and the author of HAWK Occupation: Skateboarder with Tony Hawk and The Mutt: How to Skateboard and Not Kill Yourself with Rodney Mullen. He lives in Southern California.

A classic collection of skateboarding lore and legend straight from the heart of icons created it.”
– Juice magazine

“Skateboarding’s formative years and milestones eroded before they were documented. Stalefish captures those stories in a way skateboarders old and new can relate to. A necessary book.”
– TransWorld SKATEboarding


So how do you win? Easy. Best three comments about why you love or hate to read win. First place gets a free pair of éS shoes and a copy of Stalefish signed by Tony Hawk, Dave Hackett, Kevin Harris, Lance Mountain, Rodney Mullen and Mike Vallely. Second and third place still get a book and shoes, just no autographs. Good luck!



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There's 60 responses to "Win éS Shoes & Stalefish!"

  1. I love to read. So many of the things we learn and know of throughout the past and present have been through the simple documentation of writing. My entire career will be based on reading. The application of laws are all writing and specific writing that has to be read correctly. In other words everyone should like to read.

    mattp87 Posted: 6 years ago
  2. I love to read because otherwise it's so boring to take a dump.

    Patrik Posted: 6 years ago
  3. when you talk, only the present counts... but when you read and write, it's for good because you can relate to proofs in history and create some yourself. Reading can only help you become more knowledgeable and wise regardless of the subject you read about.

    max-323 Posted: 6 years ago
  4. A person has to love reading to understand its true potential. It is not just a simple way to communicate or share ideas; But to receive an experience only you can give yourself. Whether it is used to document history, create an art, or simply create a means of direction; to read is more than an ability. Reading gives back much more in return.

    bmil Posted: 6 years ago
  5. Hi éS! Used youre shoes i while now :) I love to read... it's something i've done since i was 3. I skate every day and read every night.. Reading is something i do to let my mind fall to part. Before a session i always read, and skatebooks is on the #1 Reading list :P When I read i'm walking in another world, and so it's when i skating, i don't think about my feets hurts, i just have fun... I'm gonna read this book enyway..

    Ine Posted: 6 years ago
  6. I hate reading, but I pretty much hate everything that isn't skating.

    Andrew Posted: 6 years ago
  7. I read the stuff that'll motivate me and inspire me, the stuff that makes me think "find a way or make one", or the Lyrics that say "You can do anything if you put your mind to it". Those quotes were from either reading or listening, and to me they're the same thing. I love it 'cause its like a shit laod of advice for me like "Stalefish" will probably be. Just gotta read the right things.
    Books, interviews, lyrics, don't matter.
    Reading = Knowledge = Power.

    n1no Posted: 6 years ago
  8. I hate reading in general, but then again I love reading if its about skateboarding like if Arto changed sponsors again.

    Anthony N Posted: 6 years ago
  9. if you're reading, you're not skating.

    fred Posted: 6 years ago
  10. Throughout my 17 years of life, I have broken many archetypal walls. I am a devoted skateboarder of four years, but also a focused and determined scholar. I am an English major, and as such, enjoy reading everything I can get my scarred hands onto. From Harry Potter to Slash, and Grapes of Wrath to As I Lay Dying. I live to learn, on and off the board.

    Austin Johnson Posted: 6 years ago
  11. --I'd love to add another book to my list, and of course another pair of eS shoes to my collection, of about 20 and counting, so winning this competitoion would only 'accel' my lifestyle in every way.--Good luck to everyone else, and I hope you enjoyed hearing what I had to say.--Austin Johnson, from Florida.
    [This is the second part to that comment. If this is not allowed, please just count the first one.]

    Austin Johnson Posted: 6 years ago
  12. i love to read because i will most likely find out information that i would have never known. i always read non fiction and skate mags so i can be shocked how this world was and how its changing.

    anthony b. Posted: 6 years ago
  13. Hey es´, I love to read because it contributed to my current life. Reading helped me to a higher education and extended my knowledge - and knowledge is power! In addition for example you can read music or also the "Reading" of a skateboard trick. At most reading makes fun of me, if I read positive, amusing and beautiful things.
    Who understands to read, possesses the key to large acts and unexpected possibilities.

    Eric Jedzig Posted: 6 years ago
  14. i like to read about things like that. like why vert died out,and how street was invented.why most parks are small,cheap,and why everything is tiny and pitiful.i know want to know more about the importance that brooklyn banks had to street.and i think es is a great company, and the accell is a great shoe

    jeremygauthier Posted: 6 years ago
  15. If nobody documents events and makes them readily available for our future generations how would we progress as a society? And even more important to most of us, by knowing about skateboarding's history through books like stalefish and skate mags from the 80s, we the future generations of skateboarders can know about all the progress we have made as a subculture.

    my name is not important Posted: 6 years ago
  16. I love reading because it can give you a break off of your current problems in life whether it is school, girls, or you have not yet landed your switch flip the 10. It can take you anywhere you want, from Mars to Japan. You can be the skate prodigy you never were, all you have to do is open your mind, concentrate, and read.

    Jacob Posted: 6 years ago
  17. Reading gives me another way to escape the world for a little bit and let my mind be free of the world's problems, just like skating does.

    Taylor Posted: 6 years ago
  18. I rather be out experiencing life and pushing myself to the edge. Then you accomplish what others only read about.

    subsky Posted: 6 years ago
  19. Reading, along with skateboarding, bodily movements, and living in general are all gifts given to us by the lord. I love to read not only because it is a fascinating ability, but also because it allows oneself to indulge in another persons visions and ideologies. One reason i have always read, and wrote for that matter is because literature as a whole has many close ties with skateboarding, the concept of innovating and creating can be done on paper, while reading and on a skateboard.

    Paljum Tshering Posted: 6 years ago
  20. To me reading is celebration of the freedom of press. We are so blessed in America that we have the ability to read whatever we want, when we want and without needing to question whether "Big Brother" has made any changes to it. I like to read not only because it's an expression of the appreciation for that right, but also because reading exposes me to new thoughts and ideas. There are things that I read that challenge my previously held beliefs and sometimes cause me to reformulate them.

    Steve Posted: 6 years ago
  21. I have always thought that skateboarding in the begining was interesting.i would like to read about what was going on back then and whats going on now

    Dominik Posted: 6 years ago
  22. Reading for me is sometimes fun and sometimes sucks.In this case its good because im reading and learning about something i love to do. If i read the book and focus on what it talks about it will push me to skate that much harder.

    sk8r Posted: 6 years ago
  23. when i read i don't think about landing 360 flips i think about reading like if i'm reading about skateboarding i think about skateing and thare isn't anything but magizines in my city but i finish them in two days and then i'm bored

    jordan c Posted: 6 years ago
  24. reading is great, it is the passport to knowing everything possible about skateboarding, which is good, right? reading skateboard books and magazines is a great way to spend your free time, besides it's a great way to get threw winter faster.

    Jared Posted: 6 years ago
  25. Reading gives us all a chance to learn about the past and forces us to step back and analyze the present and the future. In other words, can't be legit if you don't know your shit.

    Brianne Posted: 6 years ago
  26. I love reading because sometimes it can express things and describe things better than people can tell you. It throws new words out to you. Reading lets you picture things in your mind and opens up a whole new world for you to explore and just lets you get away from everything else around you. If I could not read I would not know about this contest.

    drew Posted: 6 years ago
  27. i hate reading because when im reading im not skating

    anthony Posted: 6 years ago
  28. Simple thus it makes with love everything faces with truth and sincerity is you yourselves independent of what it happens, the fight is not for the weak ones but yes for what you fight.

    André de Carvalho Posted: 6 years ago
  29. i like reading a lot.
    and this is a good idea to make a book from trick on skateboard world.
    its make world of skateboarding more colourfull.
    makes a whole world know how wonderfull it is.

    ard Posted: 6 years ago
  30. Reading is part of every day life, everyone's own interpetation of the world around us is by reading and looking for ways to define life i love reading because i am an artist and i love to be original looking at things at different angle things that are subliminal and between the lines is what i look for. so why you ask, CREATIVITY.

    Taylor C. Mock Posted: 6 years ago
  31. I belive that reading is a great way to understand another persons thoughts on the world. You can figure out how they feel about topics that intrest you and them, and the perspective they have on it. Reading opens your eyes, and your mind to things going on around you. It is great way to explain what happens in your world and the peoples around you.

    Jeremy McInnes Posted: 6 years ago
  32. Reading for me is the tool of language of different thoughts and believes. When reading a book it`s quite easy – you trust your knowledge about the words, their meanings. You know the characters. I always wanted to force myself to read between the lines, how to read the world, that what surrounds me. If it`s a book I`ve to escape the written lines, deeper in the space of my mind.

    Christian Hoffelner Posted: 6 years ago
  33. I see leaves on the ground, a wet floor, cracks in cement or only a little stone on the ground which stands between me and the skateable object of desire . How to read a city, or an area in a different way, like no one other could read it – that`s the way of reading skateboarding tought me.

    Christian Hoffelner Posted: 6 years ago
  34. i like reading skate mag and stuff like that in school it keeps me up 2 date on my favorite skaters teams and new gaps and tricks being done but when im out of school i would rather not read because i would rather go out and be in the books then sit down and read the books

    chanthe234 Posted: 6 years ago
  35. I hate to start reading a book, but when I'm a few pages further I can't wait to finish the book... Unless the story sucks... However, some things never get bored, like skateboarding and snowboarding. So I love skateboarding a whole lot more than I hate reading

    Tom Posted: 6 years ago
  36. honestly, reading books are the most boring thing to do in life, why read when i can just skate, sleep or party, but skate mags and book are actually enjoyable to read since, its a replacement for not being able to skate at that moment, for being in skool, or your bodys not in a good condition to skate etc. pretty much reading doesnt amuse me unless its about something that interests me.

    nuga.s Posted: 6 years ago
  37. Personally I hate to read its the second most boring thing you could ever do, I would rather get braces put on. The only thing I would ever read not for school would be on the internet, about skating, or stop signs

    D Hansen Posted: 6 years ago
  38. I hate reading because I've had horrible ADD all my life and I have to re-read every line of whatever book I try to read about 5-10 times before it finally sinks in. By that time, I'm ready to go swimming or something. I like books with pictures.

    Lieber Posted: 6 years ago
  39. i hate reading because my parents tell me to do it all the time, nd i dont do it, nd it prevents me from KUVADIVIN

    dah kiid Posted: 6 years ago
  40. When I read, it takes me into another world. It is my way of escaping from the confusion and rush of everyday life.
    It feels as if I'm there, with the characters, like a 3D movie in my head.

    Reading is the greatest experience ever and all should be able to enjoy it.

    Jaccob Posted: 6 years ago
  41. I love to read because it frees my mind. Many other people love to watch TV or listen to the radio, but I think that reading takes you to another world... Another world of fun, happiness, fear, drama... When reading a good book you can imagine the heroes of the book in your mind... You can imagine the appearance, faces, clothes of them. You make your own reading world inside your head.

    Kristofers Posted: 6 years ago
  42. I love to read, because it is a great way to pass the time, whether you're recovering from a skateboarding injury, or learning more about other skaters, cultures or places you may never have the experience of seeing for yourself.

    Jack Kelehar Posted: 6 years ago
  43. i love read..
    with read we know that we don't know

    gema Posted: 6 years ago
  44. I like to read because it makes you wonder about places you havent yet explored or have experienced. Thats pretty much what life is about, exploring and learning ( just like reading and skating).

    brandn Posted: 6 years ago
  45. I love to read SLAP, Thrasher, and Transworld. Otherwise the only time I read is at school and the menus when I eat after skating.

    Wayne Posted: 6 years ago
  46. Unless it's about skating, music or something non-fiction I hate to read it. Anything else, I get my girlfriend to read.

    J Chaborek Posted: 6 years ago
  47. i love to read because it give me a lot of information. . From reading i can learn everything. . i love to read thrasher, transworld, and happen (indonesian local skate magz)

    meow Posted: 6 years ago
  48. (In educational terms) I love reading because it gives me the knowledge to expand my mind and get me farther in life.(Real terms) We have to like to read in order for Sean Mortimer to get his book out in to the world.

    Tre Wright Posted: 6 years ago
  49. i hate to read cus it take's away time from me skating and girls

    jordan Posted: 6 years ago
  50. Reading allows us to pass along information, create and record history, explore our consciousness and articulate the most complex thoughts. Reading is fuckin' sexy.

    Nicholas Posted: 6 years ago
  51. In my opinion, reading is necessary to stay informed about everything, no matter if it´s about politics, weather, sports,...that´s the first cause why we should read!
    but the other, and more important fact about reading is that we can learn so many things from it...things that we can adopt in our own life!

    Personally, I only like to read stuff I can learn something from, and of course skate magazins (kingpin is the fucking best!)
    yeah...that´s it...huhu


    martin-from-austria Posted: 6 years ago
  52. I usually dont read but I think I could get into it cuz I love skateing and every thing about it.

    mike Posted: 6 years ago
  53. So many of the things we learn and know of throughout the past and present have been through the simple documentation of writing. My entire career will be based on reading. The application of laws are all writing and specific writing that has to be read correctly. In other words everyone should like to read.

    Austin Posted: 6 years ago
  54. When i read it keeps me in touch with the other people out there that have dedication to push themselves for something they love

    Mike Posted: 6 years ago
  55. Damnnnn these other comments are lame as hell i was reading there shit hoping i could just combine everyones into one mega answer but i read so many of these comments and im fuckin bored now. Reading sucks unless your actually interested in the subject and this book looks pretty sick so ill probably end up reading it if i win. And give mike anderson his own shoe and a fat ass pay check cus that niggas the rawest on the team. ONE LOVE

    harry Posted: 6 years ago
  56. I love to read because without it I wouldn't know much. Reading is something necessary to life. I don't read for fun like some people but if I see something interesting I'll search it up and read all I can about it. I don't read books as much as I read about skateboarding on the internet or in Transworld but I do read what I have to. Books are the door to knowledge and reading is the key to that door.

    Brad Posted: 6 years ago
  57. i love to read just for the simple fact that if you didnt read then you wouldnt know half the stuff you know. like you wouldnt be able to read thrasher magazines or SKATEBOARDING magazines. I wouldnt have known that I could win a free pair of 'es shoes and a skateboard book signed by skate legends if I couldnt read

    Tor Posted: 6 years ago
  58. if you couldnt read you wouldnt be able to read up on all the skate teams and when or where their next demo is going to be.

    Tor Posted: 6 years ago
  59. man if i couldnt read. . . . .it would pretty much suck! I wouldnt know anything about the pro's and their new sponsors or anything like that.

    Tor Posted: 6 years ago



    viper Posted: 6 years ago

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