Posted August 13, 2008 by brink

We met this young man in NJ. See why we think he's the coolest kid everrrrrrr:

"One cool kid" (2.19 MB) iPod-friendly


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There's 14 responses to ""Thanks""

  1. Please tell me you gave that kid a free pair of shoes or something!

    eSHead Posted: 6 years ago
  2. Haha thats kool.
    Looks like a little Lupe Fiasco

    n1no Posted: 6 years ago
  3. damn...


    im a grown ass man i was gonna say the same but id look like a little ass manfan

    jaxterx10 Posted: 6 years ago
  4. tender age of 18 mind you

    jaxterx10 Posted: 6 years ago
  5. Please tell me you gave that kid a free pair of shoes or something! [2]

    Mike Posted: 6 years ago
  6. i could do that

    elemen4life98 Posted: 6 years ago
  7. Man that kid was so nice if only more little kids were as cool as him then later on we'd have more cool grown ups

    Tim Posted: 6 years ago
  8. God Bless the es. This is God and i love all your shoes Dam fine They are can i have a pair to wear in Heven. I Want to look fresh you no?

    ayden Posted: 6 years ago
  9. Yee I agree with Tim.
    Kids are usually more baddass than they're parents.
    Kooler kids = kooler people overall

    n1no Posted: 6 years ago
  10. That really made me appreciate skateboarding. i think after every session everybody should get a thank you. Thank you skaters.

    Paddy Posted: 6 years ago
  11. and he fully wasn't 'like oh my god you're a pro, can I have a sticker or some shoes or an autograph!' he was just like 'thanks'.
    Nice guy.

    g-rant Posted: 6 years ago
  12. Appreciation of skaters and skateboarding as a sport are always a welcome.

    subsky Posted: 6 years ago
  13. yo thats my lil brother! he came home from that demo with mad stuff. yea hes a kool lil kid,

    khalil Posted: 6 years ago
  14. yo thats my man isaac, he mad funny, but he got a big ass head. look up kmoochy on youtube u see him dance

    julz Posted: 6 years ago

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