Scooters 'n squirrels...

Posted August 14, 2008 by brink

Warning: Don't play with Razor scooters, fireworks or roadkill. All are dangerous to you well-being, health or reputation. Leave it to us, the professionals. Thank you.

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There's 14 responses to "Scooters 'n squirrels..."

  1. Oohh fuck you guys..
    Fuck the éS team...
    why do this???

    éS disapoint me...
    i cant believe it..

    guimoraes Posted: 6 years ago

    bmil Posted: 6 years ago
  3. I' m just a squirrel in yo world...

    n1no Posted: 6 years ago
  4. This is not cool, man.
    I'm very disappointed with you.
    And I must say I'll never buy your shoes again.
    I can't buy from people who do this with the animals.

    You'll probably not like if someone do this when your dead.

    matheus Posted: 6 years ago
  5. ahahhaahhaha yes hilarious everyone needs to chill it was dead already not doing anything wrong

    sqky Posted: 6 years ago
  6. Jack-eS!

    g-rant Posted: 6 years ago
  7. Really not cool...

    Austin Johnson Posted: 6 years ago
  8. haha nicee
    and everyone who is mad because of this really do need to chill out like sqky said its already fuckin dead

    anthony Posted: 6 years ago
  9. haha! fuck squirrels!

    Kyle Posted: 6 years ago
  10. i like how matheus is saying he'll never buy shoes again because they did that to that animal when the majority of skate shoes these days are mad of suede and leather. cows die and squirrels too.

    Pat Posted: 6 years ago
  11. made*

    Pat Posted: 6 years ago
  12. cows die because their leather and meat are usefull. the industry depends on that to make clothes and food, wich are needs of the human beings.
    squirrels are not usefull for anything if they're dead. the és team played with the dead animal for pleasure, something very cruel and meanless. and it doesn't matter if it's dead or not. this is a lack of respect with life.

    and, Pat, when I buy shoes, I always go for synthetic leather.

    matheus Posted: 6 years ago
  13. everyone that is freaking out is an idiot. the squirrel was already dead...who cares if they screwed with it. you dont need the shoes anyway if you care that much about roadkill.

    rob Posted: 6 years ago
  14. PETA Is Gay. The squirrel shit is rad

    Luke Posted: 6 years ago

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