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August 2008

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scuba steve

So much of a coincidence, it's almost hard to believe Scuba's truly not involved...

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Scuba's You, éS, Eh? Tour Gallery!

Scuba Steve slammed his digicam down and said: "Dammit! Hurry up and put all these tour photos on the web, you slacker!"

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Bobby's Nollie Flip Winner!

bobby worrest es nollie flip

Head on over to to see the outcome of the Bobby Worrest nollie flip contest!

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Adrian Blanca Tour: Stockholm!

adrian blanca stockholm

August 13th saw the Adrian Blanca European Art Tour, presented by éS, pitstop at One Off in Stockholm for yet another night of original, Spanish-artistic-flair. Already a huge hit in the last three cities: Paris, London and Amsterdam, it was time to show the Swedes some pretty spectacular artwork created by Adrian éSpecially for this tour to promote his current collection with éS.

adrian blanca stockholm

Adrian spent four whole days and one night (yes, he is a man that does not need to sleep or eat!) painting onto the pillars in the window of the One Off store in Sofo, South of Folkungagaton in Stockholm. Limited edition skateboard decks and shoes were shown alongside Adrian’s very own personal collection of original artwork.

adrian blanca stockholm

Over 240 skaters, journalists, store owners and art lovers mingled with tapas and Spanish beer in their hands all night long (yes, there was MUCH beer drinking going on that night).

Alongside the Spanish themed event, Adrian made some boys and girls very happy by personally signing and drawing on some limited edition lithography prints for them to take home. Later in the night it was also time for a very happy guy to win a hand painted Adrian Blanca Stockholm Art Skateboard.

adrian blanca stockholm

Next Stop: Today, the 29th of August, Fish and Chips, Antwerp

adrian blanca stockholm

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Day in the Life of Bobby: Part 2!

bobby tws day in the life
TransWorld's got part 2 of Bobby's Day in the Life up and its a banger!

But that's not all that's going on in web world. Nyjah's got a clip over here. And these dudes had some fun on a mini ramp recently!

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You, éS, Eh? Tour Midwest!

Slap's got their take on the Des Moines, Iowa date posted, so go have a look!

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You, éS, Eh? Tour Canada!

you es eh canada

Enjoy a little recap of the You, éS, Eh? Tour from our friends up north!