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Posted August 17, 2008. 2 Comments

Bobby & Kelly do wheelies!

Bobby Worrest and Kelly Hart skated in Manny Mania today. The NYC weather was lovely and they had fun:

Bobby & Kelly Manny Mania '08 (3.08 MB) iPod-friendly

Posted August 14, 2008. 1 Comment

Cale in Deja Vu!

cale nuske deja vu es footwear

You should check out Cale Nuske's new old part in Cliche's new video, Deja Vu! Reinterpreted by Scuba Steve 'n all that!

Posted August 14, 2008. 14 Comments

Scooters 'n squirrels...

Warning: Don't play with Razor scooters, fireworks or roadkill. All are dangerous to you well-being, health or reputation. Leave it to us, the professionals. Thank you.

Scooters 'n squirrels (10.67 MB) iPod-friendly

Posted August 13, 2008. 14 Comments


We met this young man in NJ. See why we think he's the coolest kid everrrrrrr!

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Posted August 13, 2008. 4 Comments

In the van...

Ever wonder what it's like to be in a tour van with nine team riders, a photographer, a web guy/journalist, a team manager and a filmer for nine hours at a time? Well, for one, a lot of bad karaoke...

And, as a special exclusive bonus feature, stay tuned after the karaoke to hear what Matt Price has to say about hydration!

Karaoke with éS! (2.02 MB) iPod-friendly

k-terp peeing es tour
Kevin had to pee but we couldn't stop.

kevin terpening es tour
So he added to the team pee jug!

Posted August 12, 2008. 3 Comments

NJ 3 opens today! Demo recap #2!

rick mccrank nj

Just a little note to let you know that NJ3 in beautiful Hoboken, NJ is celebrating their grand opening today. And just to keep the hype going, here's some more from the You éS Eh! Tour stop at the OG NJ skateshop in Sayreville, NJ a few weeks ago!

rick mccrank nj demo es footwear

bobby worrest nj demo es footwear
Bobby has a man crush.

scuba steve nj demo es footwear
Scuba has to fix everyone's boards for them.

nj <strong>demo es footwear
Take a dump here.

nj demo es footwear
Bring Dat Steez!

nj demo es footwear
The locals.

rick mccrank es demo nj
This kid asked Rick to sign his scooter.

rick mccrank nj demo es footwear
This is what he got.

afterparty nj demo es footwear
Then we went to Nieratko's and he got heroic on the grill!

afterparty nj demo es footwear
Dario got sensitive while waiting for his burgers.

afterparty nj demo es footwear
Then he gave us a box of "special" DVDs.

nieratko bobby es demo nj
Thanks Chris! Good luck with the new store.

Posted August 11, 2008. 2 Comments

The Adrian Blanca Art Tour Continues!

blanca amsterdam

Another great stop for the Adrian Blanca Art Tour in one of Amsterdam’s most innovative stores, Arrival Departure!

Following in the success of Paris and London, the third leg of Adrian Blanca’s European Art Tour was yet again a great success and highly attended by all the movers and shakers of Amsterdam.

blanca amsterdam

Arrival Departure was completely transformed for the occasion and ended up looking more like a funky gallery space than a shop floor. Adrian was stoked to see the crowd’s reaction to his artwork; however, the BIG attraction of the night had to be the enormous line drawing he continued to paint on the shop floor in the entrance throughout the duration of the event. To top it all off, the guys from the store printed Adrian Blanca wallpaper and wrapped the front entrance and windows with it. It looked pretty spectacular.

blanca amsterdam

Attendees also had the privilege to see and purchase the entire upcoming Adrian Blanca collection for éS footwear on the night.

When the sun went down, the exhibition turned into an outdoor summer’s party with Tapas, Sangria and a DJ spinning some funky Spanish-inspired beats. All were greatly welcomed by the guest who continued to groove into the night.

blanca amsterdam

Next stop: Wednesday 13th August, Oneoff, Stockholm. Check out the slideshow and video of the event!

blanca amsterdam

Posted August 11, 2008. 60 Comments

Win éS Shoes & Stalefish!


Our good friend, Sean Mortimer, has a new book out and we are giving a few copies away along with some free éS shoes!

About Stalefish:

How is professional skateboarding different from, say, professional
golfing? More scabs, for one. And is skateboarding actually a sport? In Stalefish, veteran journalist and former sponsored skater Sean Mortimer interviews Rodney Mullen, Steve Olson, Tony Hawk, Stacy Peralta, Jamie Thomas, Lance Mountain, Tommy Guerrero, Mike Vallely, Dave Hackett, Daewon Song, Jim Fitzpatrick, Steve Alba, Kevin Harris, Bob Burnquist and Chris Haslam search of answers, and to discover what drove them and millions of disenfranchised youth to obsession with empty pools, sewer ditches and handrails. This book may not settle the sport versus subculture versus cult debate, but with stories of skate-induced ulcers, skatepark torture, ramp arson, trespassing, the birth punk and more, it captures like other how skateboarding can derail your life in a beautiful way.


Sean Mortimer was a sponsored skateboarder in the late ’80s. He is the former editor of SkateBoarder magazine and the author of HAWK Occupation: Skateboarder with Tony Hawk and The Mutt: How to Skateboard and Not Kill Yourself with Rodney Mullen. He lives in Southern California.

A classic collection of skateboarding lore and legend straight from the heart of icons created it.”
– Juice magazine

“Skateboarding’s formative years and milestones eroded before they were documented. Stalefish captures those stories in a way skateboarders old and new can relate to. A necessary book.”
– TransWorld SKATEboarding


So how do you win? Easy. Best three comments about why you love or hate to read win. First place gets a free pair of éS shoes and a copy of Stalefish signed by Tony Hawk, Dave Hackett, Kevin Harris, Lance Mountain, Rodney Mullen and Mike Vallely. Second and third place still get a book and shoes, just no autographs. Good luck!


Posted August 7, 2008. 4 Comments

NJ Skateshop demo video!

On 7-26-08, the You éS Eh! Tour rolled into NJ Skateshop to celebrate grand opening of their third shop in Hoboken store on August 8, 2008. Good luck NJ! (23.68 MB) iPod-friendly

Stay tuned for more NJ recaps!

Posted August 7, 2008. 3 Comments

Bobby's Day in the Life!

bobby worrest day in the life tws

Yet another "Day in the Life of Bobby Worrest" has surfaced. This time on TransWorld's new site!