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September 2008

Posted September 30, 2008. 1 Comment

Extremely Sorry Trailer!

rodrigo tx extremely sorry

Check out Rodrigo TX in Flip's new trailer for Extremely Sorry! Anxious yet? We're counting the days over here...!

Posted September 24, 2008. 2 Comments

Nyjah in Barcelona!

nyjah huston silver es footwear

Have you checked out Nyjah Huston in Silver's new video, Silver in Barcelona? You should...

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French Fred's Art Show Tonight!

es french fred

The man behind the historic éS Menikmati video, "French" Fred Mortagne is having an art show tonight at Anti Social in Vancouver tonight!

Posted September 17, 2008. 1 Comment

Austyn in TSM!

austyn gillette tsm

See the November issue of The Skateboard Mag yet? If you have then you know that there's a bangin' 8-page interview with Austyn Gillette. If you haven't, then you're missing out... get it!

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Web Video! Rodrigo & McCrank!

rodrigo tx lrg

LRG has a little "welcome to the team" tour video up in honor of Rodrigo TX joining the team. (Kelly Hart isin there too). And Rick McCrank has the Beauty and the Beast tour clip of the day on Crailtap! Whooppeeeee!

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A while back we told you about this totally cool Livestock block party festival and contest going on in Vancouver. Here's a few photos from the event!

es livestock festival
Totally dropping in from a tree, dude!

es livestock festival
Old school 50-50

es livestock festival

es livestock festival
Look at all these people jonesin' to skate the mini!

es livestock festival

es livestock festival
Sometimes, life as a young up-and-coming skateboarder can be rough

es livestock festival
Hipsters don't need lenses in their glasses to get lots of chicks anymore.

es livestock festival

es livestock festival
Breakdancing is back!

es livestock festival
Check out this line of people waiting to buy some new éS shoes!

Posted September 16, 2008. 3 Comments

More Nyjah Maloof Footy!

Found this lurking the hard drive... Nyjah killed it! (4.08 MB) iPod-friendly

Posted September 14, 2008. 1 Comment


bobby worrest scuba blog

Scuba Steve and his friend Montgomery have guest blogs on You should go read them!