Romar at Damn Am!

Posted October 27, 2008 by brink

kevin romar damn am es footwear

Sometimes a miss doesn't mean a trick ain't sick. At Damn Am this weekend, Kevin Romar almost had this backside double nollie heel down the double set more than a few times. I have a feeling we'll be seeing that trick landed by Kevin really soon...


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There's 8 responses to "Romar at Damn Am!"

  1. is that nollie double backside heel!
    damnnn romar is amazing

    holyshit Posted: 6 years ago
  2. i was there this was insane
    soo siick

    skate Posted: 6 years ago
  3. romar is amazing
    trick is narly never seen that 1 before

    skateboard Posted: 6 years ago
  4. beastly..and always steezy

    hustlelife Posted: 6 years ago
  5. yes yes

    ;) Posted: 6 years ago
  6. K. ro is the shit

    brandon rafferty Posted: 6 years ago
  7. Stoops trick! Props to Romar!

    addictedtotaffy Posted: 6 years ago
  8. is he riding a chocolate's board??
    where's blind ???

    Vinícius Posted: 5 years ago

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