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UAE Tour in RAGE mag!

javier sarmiento uae es tour

In case any of you have access to magazines from Dubai, the summer issue of Rage magazine has a bangin' feature on the éS U.A.E. Tour! Check it out if you can.

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Free Burritos, Dude!

es free burritos

Emergency Alert: FREE Burrito-FREE Burrito-FREE Burrito-FREE Burrito-FREE Burrito!

Tell your friends and spread the word... ASEC and Chipotle are trying to give away 100,000 free burritos in the State of California this Saturday.

Get RAD, B RAD, U R RAD, RAD enough to Roll!

Here's a great one for you; this Saturday, October 11th, ASEC is launching our inaugural “RAD" (Roll Anything Day). This is a holiday dedicated to leaving behind cars, motorcycles, busses or whatever gas guzzling, veggie oil burning, natural gas farting device you or your parents are using and going out on the town Rolling your Skateboard, Bike or what ever form of “Non-Motorized Transportation” you choose. Go out and explore your city, Parks or Mountains, hang out with your friends and family or go see how many spots you can hit or shops you can check out in a day.

Break a sweat, work up an appetite and Roll to any Chipotle in California between 11AM-3PM and get a FREE Burrito-FREE Burrito-FREE Burrito-FREE! If you have never checked out Chipotle before you need to, they make the tastiest Mexican Food I have ever had, no joke just ask Danny Way, Bob Burnquist or anyone else who grubs there all of the time (they pay, they are not sponsored). They are the most natural and environmentally responsible fast food chain in America and they use naturally raised chicken & pork, locally sourced & organic veggies and really care about the Planet. Oh Yeah, they are not owned by McDonalds (that is another story, they used to be an investor but have nothing to do with them now, it was a dream situation). So go out & Roll your butt to Chipotle to get a Free Burrito or Roll to your friend’s house to hang out, it doesn't matter where you go, just Roll.

Here's the link to find the Chipotle nearest to you: Chipotle Store Locator

Thank You for doing your part to create a better world, now get out & Roll!

Sincerely, Your ASEC Posse Bob Burnquist, Danny Way, Jen O'Brien, Geoff Rowley, Rob Machado, Rochelle Ballard, Greg Lutzka, Bucky Lasek, Amy Caron, Jamie Bestwick, Mat Hoffman, Kevin Robinson, Cara Beth Burnside, Daniel Dhers, Forrest Shearer, Chanelle Sladics, Vanessa Torres, Frank Scura & thousands of other riders & people who love to ride, roll and eat FREE BURRITO'S.

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More Kevin Romar!

Found another sequence of Kevin Romar nollie heelflippin' the 11 at GvR. Gotta love this dude!

kevin romar gvr nollie heer

Posted October 6, 2008. 1 Comment

GvR Quickie!

rick mccrank gvr smith

Rick McCrank helped carry the Regulars to victory at GvR yesterday. Congrats, Rick! And Kevin Romar... wow... his Goofy team didn't win, but he qualified first on Saturday and if you didn't know his name before, you sure know it now...

kevin romar nollie big heel gvr es footwear

Nollie biggie heel in the finals... first try.

Posted October 5, 2008. 1 Comment

Bobby appears at GvR!

I bumped into Bobby Worrest for a minute yesterday at GvR. We watched some runs and then he disappeared.

bobby worrest gvr

A few hours later I found him...

bobby worrest gvr

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Kevin Romar at GvR!

Kevin Romar decided to kill the stairs tonight during GvR practice... (1.27 MB) iPod-friendly

Posted October 3, 2008. 3 Comments

Win the Theory 1.5!

In a special Chocolate colorway featuring artwork by Evan Hecox

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Posted October 2, 2008. 25 Comments

Show éS Your Spots & Win Free Shoes!

es spots contest

Ever envy those cities that just seem to be made for skateboarding, like San Francisco or Los Angeles?

Ever know there were places to skate in Bhutan or São Paulo, Brazil?

Well Here's your chance to put your city/town/area/spots on the map!

We'll be giving away free éS shoes for a year to the two users who upload the most new spots in the éS Spots section. That's a pair of shoes every month for a year! The runner-up will get a package consisting of two pairs of éS shoes and free éS apparel!

Before you start, though, here's some basic rules:
- Only spots with photos or videos are eligible
- Spots must contain a good description
- Contest ends January 1st '09 - that's three months to get busy!
- All spots added since August 1st count!
- For more rules, and boring details, read the full rules.

What are you waiting for? Get adding!