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Page 3 November 2008

Posted November 11, 2008. 1 Comment

Retro Rick!

Found this lyin' around the offices. A gem for sure.

rick mccrank camera es

Posted November 9, 2008. 2 Comments

Coming soon...

An exclusive new éS interview with one of skateboarding's sultans of stee... Danny Garcia.

Posted November 5, 2008. Leave a comment!

TWS Buyer's Guide!

danny garcia es footwear

The new TWS Buyer's Guide is badass! And it even features interviews with Bobby Worrest and Danny Garcia! Get it!

PS: Did you vote for Tony?

bobby worresy es footwear

Posted November 4, 2008. 2 Comments

Vote Tony Karr Today!

tony karr vote es footwear

Element's flow footy contest is goin' strong and our boy Tony Karr's clips were released today. Do something good for skateboarding and the world... You have a voice! Your opinion matters! Tony won't raise taxes or send troops to fight any wars! We promise! He loves everybody! Vote for change! VOTE FOR TONY KARR!

Posted November 4, 2008. 3 Comments

Terp's in LA!

Last weekend there was a Kevin Terpening spotting in LA. He lives here now and ollies handrails into banks with Omar Salazar. Filming for Mindfield is wrapping up. Be stoked... (1.15 MB) iPod-friendly