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Mike Anderson Video & Interview!

mike anderson krooked es

All I have to say about this clip is "WOW!" If you've been living under a rock and don't know too much about Mike Anderson, or had any doubts in your mind as to his level of rippage, the new Krooked online catalog should change all of that real quick.

Posted January 15, 2009. 2 Comments

You, éS, Eh? Tour in TSM!

javier tsm march tour article es footwear

The new March issue of The Skateboard Mag has a lovely and huge feature on last summer's amazing You éS Eh Tour! Get it when you can! The entire You, éS, Eh? Tour! video will be featured here soon!

Posted January 15, 2009. 6 Comments

Roberto Alegrîa

javier sarmiento spain

Javier Sarmiento has a friend who shoots photos out in Spain. These are some of them. So if all you kids out there who want to shoot skateboarding photos for a living, this is what you're up against. Good luck.