Barker! Bobby!

Posted February 19, 2009 by brink

Seen this Mike Barker promo? Seen that Bobby is going to be on the Daily Habit? Seen Bobby's new pro model éS shoe, the First Blood? Now you have...

bobby worrest es footwear first blood


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There's 14 responses to "Barker! Bobby!"

  1. Bobby's new shoe... so buttery!

    marx Posted: 6 years ago
  2. nice when can i buy bobbys shoe?

    wow Posted: 6 years ago
  3. nice they look like chukka low's but i rather get eS cuz i know Es is the best and i gotta suppport my boy

    Andrew Posted: 6 years ago
  4. Very cool shoes,

    topling Posted: 6 years ago
  5. when the balls are these coming out???

    rob Posted: 6 years ago
  6. yah so fucking gay. accel plus is where its at. whoever decided to stop the production of them and put these up obviously sucks dick all homo none of that no homo shit

    zachludwig Posted: 6 years ago
  7. aren't u making a silver bullet colorway after the beer cause i want them

    silver bullet Posted: 6 years ago
  8. es squares... i like how everyone claims the box... new site.

    RiMaLnIzEm Posted: 6 years ago
  9. Psh my friend already has those. For free!

    Patrick Bateman Posted: 6 years ago
  10. Those are sick!

    stevie Posted: 6 years ago
  11. i have em! they skate really good :D

    mitch Posted: 5 years ago
  12. zachludwig your a dick! I skate vans but cleary these shoes are sick plus theyre Bobby's so wrap it up!

    788 Posted: 5 years ago
  13. I just won these shoes at es game of skate. pumped to get them in the mail in a week.

    kyle Posted: 5 years ago
  14. bobby and barker rip everyone shoes r the best

    michael(nighthawk)green Posted: 5 years ago

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