Guns are bad...

Posted March 12, 2009 by brink

There's no way to describe it briefly, but it could happen to you:

So... Imagine you're in Lima, Peru minding your own business, doing a skate tour and trying to film some tricks in a seemingly unsketchy area your local international flow rider takes you to. You've got two filmers, a photographer, the web dude, five team riders and everyone's skating, filming, taking photos, doing their jobs and having a good time. Then some local kid who's walking home from school sees the action and sits down next to one of the filmers (Mike Manzoori) for a chat. And in the background, lurking in the shadows is some dude in a striped blue shirt. See him? Click the photo for a larger version.

es peru robbery

Then, unsuspectingly, while no one else in the crew is watching, the striped shirt lurker creeps up on Manzoori and the kid, pulls a gun, shoves it in Manzoori's face and grabs the video camera. Like a cartoon...the kid gets up and runs so fast that one of his shoes falls off his foot and is left on the scene. Manzoori lays face down on the ground to get away from the gun. Just at this very moment, a black Toyota Yaris comes down the street toward the thief who's running away from Manzoori, to the car, brand-new free high def video camera in hand.

Our photographer, Oliver Barton, who didn't see the incident, is in the middle of the street, in between shooting sequences, putting his shirt back on (he had it off because it was quite hot out but was starting to get sunburned) with his camera at his feet as the black getaway car pulls next to him and stops.

Impeccably accidentally timed with Oliver's shirt over his head (I don't think the gunmen could have planned it better if they tried), the thief then grabs Oliver's camera off the ground on his way to the car. Not seeing the gun or what had happened to Manzoori, Oliver lunges for his camera and this went down:

Watch it in better quality here.

Turn up the volume. Yes, you heard that correctly...a gunshot. As Oliver backs away from the first shot that was aimed in he and Justin's direction...which could have turned out very, very badly, filmer #2 (Scuba Steve, who shot the above clip) and the rest of us facing the front and driver's side of the car (from where I shot the above photo of Manzoori and the kid) scatter.

That's where and why the clip ends. Milliseconds after, a second shot was fired up into the air by the first gunman, while the driver had his gun pointed at all of us (Scuba, Bobby, Mike Anderson, myself) on the sidewalk, about 50 feet away, with Manderson being the closest to the line of fire as you can see in the right hand side of the clip.

As the first gunman got into the passenger seat, he too stretched his arm over the roof to aim his gun at us on the sidewalk and the car squealed away around the corner.

Elapsed time from start to finish: about five or six seconds. $13,000 in gear stolen; a few lost clips and sequences; two gunshots fired; a few skipped heartbeats, alarmed neighbors, no one hurt despite Manzoori and Oliver taking the brunt of it. Give 'em a hug next time you see them.

With the license plate number from the footage above, the local police were given their first real lead on two criminals they had already been pursuing for three month's time. They left the police station strapped with bulletproof vests, multiple semi-automatic weapons, pistols, lots of bullets and more. Sort of like something you'd see in a Rambo film actually. They found the car (which was also stolen) but not the gunmen yet. We'll keep you posted. Do us a favor and don't mess with guns and be safe when you're out skating.

The final demo of the éSpañol Central/South America tour is in 12 hours. We aren't canceling. It's good to be alive and skateboarding. See you there.


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There's 149 responses to "Guns are bad..."

  1. Glad you guys are all ok!! That's so insane!! Be safe & see you all back home soon! ~w

    Wendy Posted: 6 years ago
  2. jeez mike, you werent joking were you!!
    yes gun's are definetly bad. glad to hear no one was hurt.!!

    Dave Reading Posted: 6 years ago
  3. man i hate this, im peruvian and im feeling like shit watching this, dont get the wrong idea not all the people in peru is like this.

    Cesar Posted: 6 years ago
  4. shit insane es is the shit and they didnt even get shot

    yeayea Posted: 6 years ago
  5. oh my, good to see everyone is OK and shredding. $13K ain't nothing, not even in this tough economic times...

    paulote Posted: 6 years ago
  6. Keep your head up guys. I feel your pain, I had the same thing happen to me and Ortiz here in the LBC. When you guys get back I got hugs for you both. Glad you're still with us.

    Ricki Bedenbaugh Posted: 6 years ago
  7. gangsta!

    nowax Posted: 6 years ago
  8. Very sorry about that guys, and thank God that was only gear that can be replaced and not lives. A good tip for next time could be that when you go to latinamerican countries, be sure to hang out with a local crew as well, this would help prevent this kinds of incidents, and because they usually knows to which areas are safe to go film or not

    Joel Mendoza Posted: 6 years ago
  9. German version of the story at /

    Gause Posted: 6 years ago
  10. this is some shady shit... it's time we start filming with p&s cameras so we won't be suck nice targets...

    Jurij Posted: 6 years ago
  11. Thats nuts! Mike (my brother) and Oliver - so glad you're both ok - big hugs waiting for you... Just take care of yourselves...........!!!

    Alan Manzoori Posted: 6 years ago
  12. Be Safe Out There... Hope To See All Of You Soon...

    Fuzz Posted: 6 years ago
  13. wow. that is pretty intense! but good thing that nobody was hurt and be safe for the rest of the trip!

    Channing Dean Posted: 6 years ago
  14. Oliver come home now. I'm confiscating your passport.

    desiree hensley Posted: 6 years ago
  15. There's nothing wrong with guns. There's something wrong with Monkeys like that who rob people. Same shit could happen with a knife. I'm glad everyone is alright, but there isn't a need to put the blame on guns. Guns are just as bad as the people who are using them.

    Ryan Posted: 6 years ago
  16. It really sux that people would go that far just steal something!...glad you guys are kool, keep up the good work...Es ROCKS!!!

    BLKxSk8tr Posted: 6 years ago
  17. Don La Satan has his first camera who wants to film!!!!!!!!!

    chucky face scissor Posted: 6 years ago
  18. Well, at least no one got hurted, but next time be alert, assaults are frequently, gunmans or gunkids can be anywhere.

    Max Posted: 6 years ago
  19. Puta que pariu! onde esse mundo vai parar?! ahaahhah
    Dá maconha pra esse cara da arma que el fica calmo e relaxado e de bem com a vida.
    Come to Brazil! Gringos!

    CAio Posted: 6 years ago
  20. Caio, pega na minha e balança!

    paulote Posted: 6 years ago
  21. dang thats messed up i say this on ccs and your twitter and i knew that guy with the stripped shirt had something to do with it

    well glade you guys are all ok

    derek Posted: 6 years ago
  22. What are the odds? At least you all are ok. But...guns are only bad in the hands of criminals.

    Brandon Posted: 6 years ago
  23. Eww Brazil, My Doggies love me long time!

    salty lemon grills Posted: 6 years ago
  24. wow

    penis puffer Posted: 6 years ago
  25. That sucks alot good thing you guys are okay though. To bad you lost the skate footage.

    Dayne Posted: 6 years ago
  26. Dave Reading sounds like a Vagina. Guns are cool.

    RTB Posted: 6 years ago
  27. boys will be boys, life is just so CrAzY! Im so happy to hear than nothing happen to my sweet little devil dumplings- Bobby Fancy Pants & Danny Tight Cakes get home silly dumb laser quick!

    like omg!

    Curly Cue & Donnie Sue Posted: 6 years ago
  28. WTF, That's gnarly- Glad you all are ok and alive! Hope they get caught and get their hands chopped off.

    james Atkin Posted: 6 years ago
  29. holy shit, that's one helluva story! glad you're OK.

    justin Posted: 6 years ago
  30. ...i remember a few years back when i was in high school some dumb high school skank said that eS was like the gangsta skate brand shoe...i thought it was dumb of her but after seein this...yall niggas gangsta! keep it G eS glad everyones okeydorey

    hekkahyphy Posted: 6 years ago
  31. Mike... so very glad your alive and well after this messed up incident... same goes for your mate Oliver too. Enjoy the rest of your time in Peru though... don;t let the bastards get you down!

    Rez Manzoori Posted: 6 years ago
  32. Sucks this happened to the es guys, glad that no one was hurt or shot. A death on tour would have been a tough one for many people to handle.

    Webber Ladd Posted: 6 years ago
  33. A world where people get shot for what they own. Again, I'm glad no one was hurt, cameras are easier to replace than lives, but I only hope next time they'll seriously stop and look around them no matter how good the spot is...

    Webber Ladd Posted: 6 years ago
  34. gnarly. fuck a bitch ass thief

    animalchan Posted: 6 years ago
  35. What is this world coming into

    Lam Posted: 6 years ago
  36. Good god, what the hell is this world coming to? Glad no one was hurt, coulda' been much worse. F- the cameras, put that on the Sole Tech card and call it day. MANDO, SCUB'S AND THE CREW GET HOME SAFE!!! WATCH YO' BACK! MANZOORI / BARTON, CAN YOU FEEL MY VIRTUAL HUG?

    Tony E. Posted: 6 years ago
  37. PERU sucks, bunch of ghetto PAISAS, cholos de MIERDA!

    ANDY Posted: 6 years ago
  38. Realmente que penoso que se hallan perdido clips, fotos, y un trabajo que más de seguro costo obtenerlo con mucho esfuerzo, lo bueno es que no hubo ningún suceso fatal, pero que lastima que se lleven este feo recuerdo de sudamerica, ojala no se hagan la imagen de que toda sudamerica es así.

    Muchos saludos y suerte desde Chile.


    zana Posted: 6 years ago
  39. caaalla oe chileno mongolo que sabes tu lo que les puede pasar en chile o es que alli te roban pidiendo porfavor

    miguel Posted: 6 years ago
  40. guns are bad? no, guns would have been good in this case.

    poco Posted: 6 years ago
  41. thats so gay. they probably dont even know how to use those cameras!

    Evan Wright Posted: 6 years ago
  42. Fuck the $13,000. What matters is that no one got hurt. Stay safe and keep ripping!

    Nate Posted: 6 years ago
  43. phew...glad your okay mate!

    mackenzie eisenhour Posted: 6 years ago
  44. Im just happy no one got ta cap broke off in der booty! Especially my cute little Bobby Fancy Pants & Danny Tight Cakes! The world is really becoming twisted, especially with those people in control of black markets in other countries, I was just on ebay............

    Gucci Vans Alert Posted: 6 years ago
  45. that's good luck dudes, it could be worst, it's cool no one was for skate

    cavo Posted: 6 years ago
  46. You should finish this south america tour in brazil! come to santos/sp, we have 3 skateparks here. one of them are in front of the beach. peace!

    Bruno Posted: 6 years ago
  47. fucked up!once u heard that es skateboarding u should take care them...not like this things happen out!shiiity!that why nxt time mane u should take care also of going out watch ur surroundings!we love u guys!!-pinoy

    janreil Posted: 6 years ago
  48. the es team , & all the american teams, have to come to chile men. is more fun, more safety, more spots; peru to chile , is like , mexico to USA, or turkey to germany... vooo velaaa

    nico Posted: 6 years ago
  49. damm srry guys, i just came from the éS demo en carmen de la legua, it was amazing btw... well guns are bad, and srry again , pero its not that bad, well if u got to places like that they are, well take care all

    ozzie Posted: 6 years ago
  50. shit that's crazy. your lucky they didn't kidnap you guys and take all the cameras

    jake pdx Posted: 6 years ago
  51. dam

    cameron Posted: 6 years ago
  52. damn man thats how it was/is in DC that why i got my ass out of there when i could haha.
    good thing you guys are alright.

    Philip Leicht Posted: 6 years ago
  53. Wow that suck I'm gald you guys are okay and I am Peruvian and i don't know why the people being like this and God will bless you guys!!!!

    cristhian rodriguez Posted: 6 years ago
  54. that sucks, i hate the impression ur gettin from here (peru) now after that shit :\ i hope everything else was fine like the comp/demo today.

    fernando young Posted: 6 years ago
  55. I'm Really glad you guys are still alive.Good luck with the Police.

    jacob R Posted: 6 years ago
  56. oh yea, i'm the guy of the scooter that was riding street with you and diego the other day

    fernando young Posted: 6 years ago
  57. Man, that sucks. It's a shame that a gun has more power than any other object in the world...

    getthunderstruck Posted: 6 years ago
  58. damn man that sucks. i have a camera myself (not even as expensive as your guys') and i would be mad bummin if that shit got jacked right out of my hands.

    sorry man i feel ya..

    griffen g Posted: 6 years ago
  59. Thats so nuts........haha I woulda been trippin!

    Shane Posted: 6 years ago
  60. dammn thats crazy glad none of u guys got hurt

    augie fitzpatrick Posted: 6 years ago
  61. Thats fucked up good thing no one got hurt and 13k is something but i hope you get your stuff back

    Conrad Tillard Posted: 6 years ago
  62. What a white trash asshole, thats Lurkers for ya, never improving skateboarding, just bringin it down

    Ben Monen Posted: 6 years ago
  63. dang you guys
    that's pretty intense
    glad everybody's alright

    Spoon Posted: 6 years ago
  64. im a peruvian guy and i´m very sad for this shit. All the skater crew is very happy for has the éS team in this country and we respect all of you. we love you so much and we are very mad about the happened.

    Unbreda Posted: 6 years ago
  65. Glad you guys weren't hurt. Sketchy world out there. Take care and be safe.

    Tbrewer Posted: 6 years ago
  66. I love you guys. Come home safe. Ollie, 9 lives homie!!

    Darin Posted: 6 years ago
  67. its a good thing no one was hurt.. shit asian countries striaght up just watch and clap da whole time.. u guys should make an esian tour er sumthin instead.. i got u on phillipines spots and parties

    ralph Posted: 6 years ago
  68. god damn!
    thats some real shit.
    if they didnt have a gun i know you would have fucked some shit up!
    get that footy back!

    saylean Posted: 6 years ago
  69. shiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa eso si esta super gangstaaaaaaaaa.

    pepe Posted: 6 years ago
  70. Damn, this is some fucked up shit. Be safe, Brink, Scuba, Mike & the rest of the éS crew...

    Well written post too...

    foxxyz Posted: 6 years ago
  71. hopefully you guys can get your camaras retrieved before you leave.......fucking sketch as fuck. that video camera must be soo expensive. much love goes out to mike and oliver and the rest of the es team

    kyky Posted: 6 years ago
  72. damn...hope that shit was insured. My gear got jacked and I didn't have any insurance whatsoever, and luckily I caught the dude a few days later. glad that turned out ok. and yeah, i caught the dude, not the lazy ass cops in Richmond

    ncik Posted: 6 years ago
  73. welcome to the third world.
    people are desparate here.

    xleox Posted: 6 years ago
  74. What dude, Sketch city is what lima translates in English glad to hear everyone is safe, and run boy run

    n8 Posted: 6 years ago
  75. Sorry, but who the hell are these morons claiming "guns are 'cool' or guns are not bad?? Guns KILL.... thats all they do. They aren't cool, and neither are the fuckwits who handle them...

    Alan Manzoori Posted: 6 years ago
  76. Holy shit guys... glad your ok... be safe and keep tearin it up...

    R083RT Posted: 6 years ago

    PARCHE BOGOTA Posted: 6 years ago
  78. daaaaaaaamn. glad ur all okay

    nukkaaaaa Posted: 6 years ago
  79. niggaz in Peru is GRIMEY, I be tellin you

    chinner Posted: 6 years ago
  80. damn i can't believe people from my my side of my ethic are soo Fuckedup
    -_- glad ur guys made it safe peru is known for being bad in the streets expacially in lima cuz i visited family der

    WIlfred Posted: 6 years ago
  81. fuck the camera, you're alive and skating...Welcome to south america, it's not easy, it's not a game.

    joao Posted: 6 years ago
  82. holy hell that is bad i cant believe that shit happened im glad scuba steve and them are okay that wouldve been devastating in the world of skating

    bigman Posted: 6 years ago
  83. yooo this is crazy, multiple things like this have happened to me in ecuador, like getting chased by a guy with a machete while skating some spot and getting chased and kicked out of a spot, but not a gun yet, but machetes are bad too haha glad ur safe

    leooooo Posted: 6 years ago
  84. damn..

    Eric Torres Posted: 6 years ago
  85. we are very sorry for this fortuitous situation, we really hope that this doenst ruin our good relationship and the admiration for peruvian skaters

    team black tower - peru Posted: 6 years ago
  86. im peruavian i´m very sad sorry guys peru is not bad

    Bruno v Posted: 6 years ago
  87. fuck peru cholos hp

    yo Posted: 6 years ago
  88. that wuz crazy!, glad ur all ok

    steve Posted: 6 years ago
  89. i'm peruvian too, i'm sorry that it happened. it's such a shame that in a beautiful country it's hard to be a tourist. please don't let this discourage you from seeing visiting again.

    jenny bk Posted: 6 years ago
  90. jajaja the next ..............murder

    peruvianpendex Posted: 6 years ago
  91. that sucks dudes

    poopehh Posted: 6 years ago
  92. es la cara de la pija ?????'tio bmx

    albert Posted: 6 years ago
  93. wow. that was too intense, glad to hear u guys are ok. keep ya head up, have a safe rest of the trip. God Bless.

    Bucky Posted: 6 years ago
  94. ufffffffff...i'm so sorry parceros

    lastima de eso nono es que en peru....
    pero ojan los encuentren no no eso tiee derecho y prbrecito el niño mirando un deporte chevere

    skate solo paciencia!!!

    el santa!!colombia Posted: 6 years ago
  95. I´m from argentina and this shit is very ussually everywhere, in the third world and in the first too, or this don´t happen in USA!?

    matias Posted: 6 years ago
  96. Hopefully everyone is OK.
    nowhere is safe! ppl is just talkin shit.....
    everywhere you go YOU have to be careful.

    chilenoRoto_colombianoTraficante Posted: 6 years ago
  97. damn!
    fucking sick bastards!!!
    I hate that fucking people...
    Joel Mendoza is right...
    try to hang out with the locals...
    come to Mexico!


    DieGoL Posted: 6 years ago
  98. whoa, it's very well to hear that no one was hurt.. Good thing you all made it back! :O!!

    Eteezy Posted: 6 years ago
  99. all that matters is we were all safe, we are not scared of peru, things like this can happen anywhere, and this isnt the first time we have encountered guns, but the first time bullets have been fired, we will return to peru one day.

    scuba Posted: 6 years ago
  100. thanx scuba ...I’m a peruvian skater and ur words just alleviate in some way the shame what evolved me when I get noticed of this terrible….I’m so sorry about what happened here and I’m glad no one was hurt …guys u r an awesome team …and hope to see u soon again =(

    Black Dice Posted: 6 years ago
  101. That's why skaters shouldn't act like the streets belong to them.

    Kebro Posted: 6 years ago
  102. vamos a dale candela a esos peruanos incas hijueputas ratas de mierda

    skaters medellin colombia Posted: 6 years ago

    Gui2 Posted: 6 years ago
  104. yeah accel plus

    zachludwig Posted: 6 years ago
  105. what the f**k. that crazy.

    omek33 Posted: 6 years ago
  106. Damm fucking peruvian people!

    Zeent Posted: 6 years ago
  107. fuck, im moving down there. stick to miraflores i guess

    Solo Posted: 6 years ago
  108. You guys did the right thing , skaters are not down for those situations , everyone would have reacted the same way especially when not on home turf. peace.

    LYNFIELDRYDA Posted: 6 years ago
  109. you´ll come back to peru, but when come to argentina? not alternative team, the real team!

    matias Posted: 6 years ago
  110. colombianos narcos

    yooo Posted: 6 years ago
  111. en colombia hay drogas y en chile cabros cada pais tiene algo malo aka hay choros de mierda pero no todos somos asi ojala ke lo entiendan y dejen de estar ofendiendo la raza alamos .

    josue Posted: 6 years ago
  112. this incident was really bad, every skater in Lima were so disgusted because we wait a long time to see a great team like éS, and we think that it was unfair. but take a lesson 'cus in EVERY where could happen something bad or unespected.
    thanks for the demo in Lima, it was awesome.

    aranguren Posted: 6 years ago
  113. and be careful with some hambrientos chilenos who kill, stole. don't believe them

    aranguren Posted: 6 years ago
  114. Just glad to know you guys are all alive and well. Shit happens...

    George Mirchev Posted: 6 years ago
  115. no todos somos asi

    pancho Posted: 6 years ago

    Gino Posted: 6 years ago
  117. yo tht sux guess u guys should carry guns now

    Prrp Haze Posted: 6 years ago
  118. that crazy good thing ya still ridin
    damm 13 k fuck

    richard Posted: 6 years ago

    Ayden Posted: 6 years ago
  120. holy cripes that is insane...
    am British and a big fan of manzoori as a skater and a filmer..

    so glad that no one got hit..

    hope they catch the fuckers and they end up in jail getting bummed for eternity

    tim crawley Posted: 6 years ago
  121. Damn, lucky guys. Glad no one is hurt, how scary.

    Tai Kahn Posted: 6 years ago
  122. Hey dude! That sucks so bad man! This type of gun point robberies are not normal in Peru. Good thing nothing happened to you guys. Hope the video helps police catch those f@#! Keep up the skateboarding spirit dude! And long live Surfing!!! Peace!

    PeruSuRFer Posted: 6 years ago
  123. sucks

    zak Posted: 6 years ago
  124. Wow, if that guy would have done that to me and my friends, they would of so gotten their asses kicked. There's like 10 of us to their 2, so they probably would not had tried it with us... lol

    Andrew Posted: 6 years ago
  125. Hey dude, this sucks man! I'm Peruvian and I'm really sorry to hear that this really happened to you guys in my own country. What a shame! =( I hope everyone is ok though, and hope that the video helps police catch this bastards! Good luck and keep up the skaboarding spirit! Peace!

    SkaTEng4Eva Posted: 6 years ago
  126. sorry team es ,por parte de toda la comunida skater del peru nos sentimos mal por todo lo que pasron aca mil disculpas

    john paul Posted: 6 years ago
  127. next time you guys should go to a safer part of the city.

    labich Posted: 6 years ago
  128. suerte que estan todos bien.
    En Latinoamérica somos víctimas de la violencia todos los días, esta violencia que vivimos es gracias a la desigualdad que hay entre personas. gente que no tiene trabajo ni el ejemplo del trabajo, gobernantes corruptos elegidos por personas sin cultura.

    ALGUN ARGENTINO EN SU TIERRA Posted: 6 years ago
  129. gobiernos impuestos por otros gobiernos a los cuales solo les interesan sus cuentas bancarias haciendo de nuestros países lugares poco cómodos para vivir, y siempre con violencia.

    ALGUN ARGENTINO EN SU TIERRA II Posted: 6 years ago
  130. nadie se tiene que disculpar por haber nacido en Perú, tendrían que disculparse los gobernantes de los países desarrollados en no querer que Latinoamérica se desarrolle.

    ALGUN ARGENTINO EN SU TIERRA II Posted: 6 years ago
  131. wow gnarly good shit u guys r ok i guess company like ES would have insurance anyhow as if anyone in this forum would have stood up to them you would have to be dumb to do that peace

    Yoni from Australia Posted: 6 years ago
  132. Che?

    Fidel Posted: 6 years ago
  133. This is really sad news for us Peruvians. So much effort from millions of Peruvians trying to make Peru look good, and it takes only one or two people to send it all down the tube! This really but really sucks! I hope you guys did not get hurt. Sorry about that in the name of all Peruvians!!

    Sk8'NG_HaMMeR Posted: 6 years ago
  134. cada vez mas me averguenzo mas de mi pais...que bueno que no les haya pasado nada

    kixan Posted: 6 years ago
  135. Damn. Thats crazy. Sounds super sketch. Anyways its cool to hear that you guys are okay and that it aint stopping you from riding. Stay up and keep it going.

    GRUNT Posted: 6 years ago
  136. Did you guys have other cameras??? It would have sucked to not.

    GRUNT Posted: 6 years ago
  137. oh crap.... this is the image those fucking thieves give to peru :S... this is ridiculous, seriously, our country is not like that, it's just that some few idiots do that kind of things, next time get a little security and check everywhere always... sometimes that's better

    Emmanuel Posted: 6 years ago
  138. OMG!
    WTF is going wrong in Lima ??!!
    I hope that all the skaters are ok now.
    Peace all over the world.
    Cheers. ;)

    TheClanMAJOR Posted: 6 years ago
  139. Damn!! 13k's a big number but at least nobody got hurt...

    Kasper Posted: 6 years ago
  140. dude that's fucked up,
    but glas to hear you guys are alive and not canceling anything cause of that inceident, wish you guys the best

    Skater Posted: 6 years ago
  141. no es posible malditos hampones de porqueria

    alex Posted: 6 years ago
  142. I'm with Cesar - peruvians are mostly pretty chilled - so sad my motherland messed up this time, just so glad my stepson's ok

    Lady Lottie Posted: 6 years ago
  143. Glad no one got hurt

    hope they catch the dudes

    Saylor Posted: 6 years ago
  144. hey bro's im so so sorry this happend to you guys ..i feel embarrased that happend to you in my country but that could happend to anybody ,lima aint bad just few ppl that is crap but i hope from this bad exipience you bring out something good ... peace ...letsss skate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    anthonysk8 Posted: 5 years ago
  145. oh

    zikozis Posted: 5 years ago
  146. if i had a gun i would shoot those 2 guys

    sk8mafia Posted: 5 years ago
  147. I'm peruvian and i feel bad looking at this i skate too glad you guys are ok you should go back to Peru sometiime.

    Pierre Posted: 5 years ago
  148. Guys dont waste time in Peru, losing time and money( even you could lose your life)

    anyway...cya guys

    Krisim Posted: 5 years ago

    BUTTERBALL Posted: 5 years ago

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