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March 2009

Posted March 31, 2009. 24 Comments

Nyjah Huston in the TF...

This took about 20 minutes... not even kidding.

Download it!

Posted March 30, 2009. 8 Comments

Bags for skateboarders... by skateboarders.

es footwear backpacks

éS recognizes that the current state of skateboard-influenced-bags is being overrun by non-skateboarding brands. In 2008, éS tapped the Brown Buffalo Design Company to start creating some design drafts for the éS Fall 2009 Luggage Collection. The result is an intelligently designed line of bags from a skateboarder’s point of view.

The collection is technical and functional with the needs of skate travel at the top of the design list. After a few sketches, out came a collection of bags with classic and purposeful design aesthetics. The Brown Buffalo’s designs hail back to early 90's mountain bags, with clean and classic coloring utilizing durable rip-stop fabrics–perfect for the rough road life of a skateboarder.

The collection consists of:

Scuba: A premium photo bag for a realistic price. Inspired by skateboarding and all the camera needs of our very own team videographer, Scuba Steve.

Lim: Bobby Worrest signature bag with a 6-pack cooler pocket for Silver Bullets, hideable skate straps, and technical storage pocket features that were ergonomically shaped for city trekking.

Endio: Classic reinterpretation with a shoe pocket and hideable skate straps.

Jut: Backpack with Laptop Compartment.

Parce: Vintage Military Rucksack with a modern twist adding a laptop compartment.

Boarding 2.0: Perfect skateboard enclosed travel bag for planes, trains and automobiles.

Carry on 3.0: An essential board case for every skateboarder on a quick trip.

About The Brown Buffalo Design Co:
The Brown Buffalo is a creative agency that uses architecturally minded methods to create product from process. Specializing in advanced concepts, design and development of baggage and luggage.™

Posted March 30, 2009. 1 Comment

Stephan Gunther Kingpin interview!

stephan gunther es footwear

Check out the latest Kingpin Magazine for a 12-page interview with European éS rider Stephan Günther! Stephan has been recovering from a major injury: shattered knee, broken wrist and a double fractured ankle but has prevailed and is back on the board again...

Posted March 27, 2009. 5 Comments

Cale clips!

Feast your eyes on some clips of Cale in Arizona as well as a couple unused angles from the new Clé video from Cliché.

es footwear cale clip

Posted March 25, 2009. 7 Comments

Eldridge clip!

Found some unused Justin Eldridge clips in hard drive. The upcoming Chocolate video is all HD so you get to see these now!

justin eldridge es footwear

Posted March 23, 2009. 14 Comments

More from Peru!

Sorry for the delay in updates... we just spent a little time returning home and recovering from the éSpañol Tour and getting shot at. But now that that's over, we got lots more from the tour to show ya... like this stuff from the demo in Peru!

danny garcia espanol es footwear
Danny G. backlip.

mike anderson es footwear espanol
Mike Anderson!

justin eldridge es footwear espanol

Eldridge... front shuv 50-50 and nollie krooks.

justin eldridge es footwear espanol

TX is a demo killa! backside flip, nollie flip, frontside flip, bluntslide:

rodrigo tx es footwear espanolrodrigo tx es footwear espanolrodrigo tx es footwear espanolrodrigo tx es footwear espanol

Posted March 15, 2009. 8 Comments

Costa Rica demo and a 'lil TX!

Some clips we found on the web! Costa Rica demo and TX on the éSpañol tour!