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Page 2 March 2009

Posted March 2, 2009. 7 Comments

Costa Rica R & R

After a few days of travel, street skating and demos (stay tuned for skate footy and photos) we decided to take a totally tourist day and get tropical. Beaches, crocodile bridges, canopy tours and more filled our day. Right now, everyone is passed out and waking up at 5 am to board a plane to Panama!

See you there...

mike anderson es footwear watermelon
Mike bought watermelon!

es footwear costa rica iguana
Killer iguana!

es footwear danny garcia costa rica
Danny prepares for the canopy adventure!

es footwear crocs costa rica
Ferocious crocodiles!

es footwear bobby worrest sleeping
All this excitement wore Bobby out!

es footwear beach costa rica
Not a postcard... we swam here for a few hours today... lots of sunburn.

es footwear costa rica
Speaking of the sun...

Posted March 1, 2009. 3 Comments

Double angle!

The flatbar sesh in Costa Rica today was off the hook! Danny, Bobby and Manderson...

Costa Rica Flatbar Sesh!