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Posted April 7, 2009 by brink

espanol tour quotes

After logging tons of tidbits on Twitter during the éSpañol Tour, it dawned on me that quite a few funny quotes were on there and easily accessible. I reread them, laughed and decided to put 'em here...

"You smell like weird pasta, Danny." - Bobby Worrest

"I smell a fart." - Mike Anderson

"Me and the ground kick it on the regular." - Justin on his influx of slams this tour.

"I'm just trying to not come up." - Scuba on paying for dinner in Peru.

"The Great Wall wasn't that gnarly." - Scuba Steve

"The Kre-per video was sick!" - Mike Anderson

"Nuclear gets a bad rap." - Scuba referring to the boob shaped San Onofre power plant.

"Everyone loves to bum people out with the truth." - Mike Anderson

"I feel like Princess Diana... they are trying to kill us!" - Bobby Worrest in the demo getaway van today.

"This is what it's like to be 'Lil Wayne!" - Justin Eldridge on today's riot of a demo.

"This is what it's like to be R. Kelly!" - Bobby Worrest on today's riot of a signing.

"I don't care about apps." - Scuba Steve on why he doesn't want an iPhone.

"It would be rad if there was a cool STD." - Mike Anderson on STDs.

"Do I look fat with my shirt off?" - Bobby Worrest

"The sky here looks like an éS ad." - Mike Anderson in Panama.

"That's my life... I take so long in the morning matching my clothes." - Justin Eldridge

"All the dogs in Peru love me." - Danny Garcia


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  1. ps teso q ayan venido a colombia. ojala sigan viniendo

    juan david Posted: 6 years ago
  2. Funny qoutes!ha

    stevie Posted: 6 years ago

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