Nyjah invited to Maloof Money Cup again!

Posted April 23, 2009 by brink

nyjah huston maloof

After a stellar second place finish last year, Nyjah Huston has been invited back to this year's Maloof Money Cup. Will he take it this year? Stay tuned...


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There's 22 responses to "Nyjah invited to Maloof Money Cup again!"

  1. i d like Nyjah.Yeah!!!!

    clement Posted: 6 years ago
  2. Right on

    stevie Posted: 6 years ago
  3. is he pro?

    crazydill Posted: 6 years ago
  4. does he have a board sponsor yet ??

    geordi13 Posted: 6 years ago
  5. nyjah u r the best!!

    melany Posted: 5 years ago
  6. Yes, of course he is a pro and his sponsors are element skateboards, fkd bearings, silver trucks and es footwear

    james96 Posted: 5 years ago
  7. yeah Nyjah again that is great well hope to see him there and take care Nyjah

    Frankie Rodriguez Posted: 5 years ago
  8. Of Course your wrong^ he is off element.
    im saying he is gonna show up on plan B

    wes Posted: 5 years ago
  9. Before I wathed the Maloof Money Cup my friends and I were talking about Nyjah Huston and OMG when watched it I was very proud of his sexy performances(he made it sexy)!!!

    Fantashia Posted: 5 years ago
  10. i agree with wes becuase they are all in sydrome. also element was his wheel sponser who will be his new wheel sponser?

    nyjahfan Posted: 5 years ago
  11. I hope that Nyjah will win first place.But what will his new board sponser be???...

    Rajiv Posted: 5 years ago
  12. nyjah is an awesome skater he makes me happy (hes so sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) i wonder if he likes fans who finds him sexy

    nyjahs fan Posted: 5 years ago
  13. nyjah is my favorite skater and i wont to get sponsered by element i hope i get to see nyjah huston thats my homie he go hard on thp8

    jeromie simmons Posted: 5 years ago
  14. nyjah come to kansas some time we have skate parks

    jeromie simmons Posted: 5 years ago
  15. Yes finally hes off element i wonder what his next move will be

    nyjahs fan Posted: 5 years ago
  16. good luck nyjah ihope to see u @ maloof u have enough talent to wash them away!!!

    nyjahs fan Posted: 5 years ago
  17. hola como esta ? sebastian skate yo jesus bien ok amigos

    nyjah huston Posted: 5 years ago
  18. what the fuck does that say ^?

    nyjahs fan Posted: 5 years ago
  19. nyjah...im your fan in phillippines
    i like to see you in person...
    im playeng skateboard her mindanao..

    vincent Posted: 5 years ago
  20. nyjah huston soy tu fans agregame por favor te lo ruego

    ryan sheckler Posted: 5 years ago
  21. nyjah huston montas bm eres el mejor para mi me gustas como montas kisiera verte en vivo por favor agrega thejunior2009@hotmail.es

    junior Posted: 5 years ago
  22. Nijah agregaa me ppor fa somoss Los mejores skaatee de Acaapulcoo
    q noo sale amigoo me gustaa como la manejas hee chido ps

    i love SKA

    Peepee ska Posted: 5 years ago

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