Good grades = free éS!

Posted May 13, 2009 by brink

When Mike Anderson's little brother, Janderson, gets good grades, we send him free éS shoes...

mike anderson es footwear


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There's 9 responses to "Good grades = free éS!"

  1. SO, what if I am getting nearly perfect grades in Law School? Janderson is lucky.

    mattp87 Posted: 5 years ago
  2. if i get good grades can i get some

    vince Posted: 5 years ago
  3. Ha that's chill

    stevie Posted: 5 years ago
  4. i have a 4.27 gimme some shoes!

    carl Posted: 5 years ago
  5. I don't have good grades, but I have that EXACT same worksheet from bio. lol

    shadiscool Posted: 5 years ago
  6. hahaha i had tht same worksheet not too long ago in my bio class....i thnk i got a good grade....

    Joseph Posted: 5 years ago
  7. Haha sweet, if only I had good grades and free shoes... oh well lol

    Ashley Posted: 5 years ago
  8. he doesnt have to get good grades probably...all he gotta do is as mike

    vince Posted: 5 years ago
  9. haha. thats one way to get mandersons little bro to get good grades.

    csean26 Posted: 5 years ago

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