St. Louis!

Posted July 5, 2009 by brink

The boys rolled through St. Louis a couple days ago and some shreddin' went down...

Download it!


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There's 6 responses to "St. Louis!"

  1. stevieeeeeeee

    errr Posted: 5 years ago
  2. Yeeee!

    stevie Posted: 5 years ago
  3. Hell yeah got some footage up from STL, I saw you guys at the park skating that bridge... I guess you guys got kicked out b4 you got anything good on vid... Much luv!

    STLsk8r Posted: 5 years ago
  4. St.LOUIEEEEee

    Jackington Posted: 5 years ago
  5. dont know how to skate stl spots!

    you guys Posted: 5 years ago
  6. i could maybe and i say maybe BOARDSLIDE that little HANDRAIL

    ROByn Posted: 4 years ago

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