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Bobby and Kellen

TWS is coming in hot with two new clips. First, with a 5 trick fix, featuring Bobby and Kellen, and then Kellen's full part from the Sk8mafia video

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Journey to Cuba

Mike Anderson in Cuba

A while back Manderson, McCrank and Scuba went to Cuba to meet up with Tomas Crowder and give out some product to help the Cuban skate scene. ESPN and Chris Nieratko have an interview with Crowder, the man behind "The Other Che," a documentary about the struggles of the Cuban skate scene. Truly a humbling read.

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Another Kelly Hart battle...

Kelly Hart vs. Kenny Hoyle

This one is courtesy of the latest issue of Skateboarder.

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"That was the tightest song."

Justin is on tour filming for the new Chocolate video...

justin eldridge es footwear

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Another day with Danny...

It's all fun and games until some asshole loses the ball...

Download it! (5.47 MB)

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3rd Degree with Bobby Worrest

Bobby Worrest 3rd degree

Deluxe just put up a hilarious new Bobby Worrest clip, filmed by Rory Sheridan. Check it out, well worth your time.

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Monkeys and Marble

Rodrigo Tx. LRG tour

Scope some footy from Rodrigo Tx. and Kelly Hart killin' it in China and Thailand, on a recent LRG tour.

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DG in OZ, part 2

Danny Garcia in OZ part 2

TWS has part 2 of Danny Garcia and the Quiksilver team in Australia. Check out what went down.

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Don't worry Kelly, we stil love you...

kelly hart es footwear

...None of us would have beaten Paul either. Don't forget to check the post-game interview to see what Kelly had to say!