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Page 4 July 2009

Posted July 13, 2009. 4 Comments

Alexis Destroyed

Congrats to our girl Alexis Sablone, who qualified 2nd in girls street at the Maloof Money Cup this weekend. Despite a gashed, bloody head Alexis still killed it and managed to earn the Zumiez Destroyer Award for lightin' up the course the whole weekend. With a recent degree from Columbia university, and the eye of a skater, Alexis can use her degree in architecture to build skate-able terrain everywhere.

Alexis Sablone Maloof 1

Alexis Sablone Maloof 2

Alexis Sablone Maloof 3

Alexis Sablone Maloof 4

Alexis Sablone Destroyer Award

Posted July 13, 2009. 1 Comment

Want More Maloof Money Cup?

nyjah huston maloof money cup es footwear

Nyjah absolutely destroyed the street course at MMC this weekend. If you weren't able to make it to the contest there is a ton of footage all over the web. In addition to our coverage, Transworld, Fuel TV and Skateboarder Mag all have videos up too!

Posted July 13, 2009. 6 Comments

Nyjah takes 3rd at Maloof!

Last year second place, this year third! Did you see the competition out there this weekend!? That's amazing. Congrats, Nyjah!

nyjah huston maloof es footwear
Switch heel front board!

Posted July 13, 2009. 2 Comments

Nollie tre...

Nyjah hammered this one out during best trick down the Rincon big 4. It was insane...

nyjah huston es footwear maloof

Posted July 11, 2009. 4 Comments

Nyjah advances to the finals!

After killing it all day, Nyjah Huston has advanced to tomorrows finals! I mean, was there ever really a doubt?

nyjah huston maloof money cup es footwear

Posted July 11, 2009. 2 Comments

Nyjah... ripping as usual

Kickflip back lip at Maloof practice...

nyjah huston maloof

Posted July 11, 2009. 1 Comment

Curbs can be fun too...

Bobby skated the curb at Maloof yesterday.

bobby worrest maloof es footwear

Posted July 11, 2009. 2 Comments

Bobby wuz here...

Looks like Bobby made it to Maloof today. More to come...

bobby worrest maloof es footwear