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Page 5 July 2009

Posted July 9, 2009. 1 Comment

Manzori interview!

The man behind so many of the éS videos you love, Mike Manzoori, has an interview on Fuel TV.

mike manzoori es footwear

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Roam with Danny Garcia

Danny Garcia Quik Roam magazine

Danny has been killin' it lately, getting all types of coverage. Here's another piece to add to your mix... issue #5 of Quik's Roam zine, featuring Danny's new signature denim.

Posted July 7, 2009. 2 Comments

New Made for Skate App!

Made for Skate app

Remember your first pair of skate shoes? Did they look like this when you were done with 'em? Have you ever tried to show someone some kicks from back in the day, but couldn't find a picture? Now you can with the new Made for Skate app. Reminisce on your past shoe collections, good times!

Posted July 6, 2009. 2 Comments

More éS for your money...

eS youtube page

... Well actually, it's free! But who couldn't spend a whole day lurking around the web, looking for unseen video gems? Now we're givin' you more to feast your eyes on in the form of our new YouTube and ShredorDie pages. Let the lurking commence!

Posted July 6, 2009. 3 Comments


Chris from Las Cruces, New Mexico is down!

es footwear tattoo

Posted July 5, 2009. 6 Comments

St. Louis!

The boys rolled through St. Louis a couple days ago and some shreddin' went down...

Download it!

Posted July 1, 2009. 20 Comments

éS timeline via Scuba Steve's garage...

There's a lot of éS aficionados out there, but Scuba Steve is without a doubt one of the biggest... and here's a small glimpse into the collection he's got stashed in his garage.

black/black koston 3

k3 black

OG black grey accel

2nd angle black grey accel

back angle black grey accel

down angle black grey accel

grey white koston 3

back angle grey white koston 3

grey white koston 3 toe

inside shot grey white koston 3

koston 3 air bag

koston 3 tongue

brown koston 6

brown koston 6 heel

inside k6

k6 back shot

scuba's garage collection

creager tongue

scuba's garage collection

creager back shot

rodrigo tx green yellow

rodrigo tx green yellow tongue

rodrigo tx yellow green heel cup

rodrigo tx yellow green treading

black yellow koston 1

black yellow koston 1 tongue

black yellow koston 1 side view

black k1 sole

brown contract side view

brown contract who shot  ya

brown contract hit em up

who shot ya 2

tom penny shoe

tom penny heel

tom penny signature

brown brown koston 3

brown brown koston 3 side view

brown tan white accel

scuba accel

banana shoe