Nyjah qualifies third!

Posted August 1, 2009 by brink

nyjah huston x games 15 es footwear

Congrats to Nyjah Huston for qualifying third yesterday in X Games 15 street. He moves on to the finals this afternoon. Stay tuned. Good luck Nyjah!


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There's 5 responses to "Nyjah qualifies third!"

  1. Hell yeah super props to Nyjah

    Angelo Posted: 5 years ago
  2. accel plussssssssss

    zachludwig Posted: 5 years ago
  3. nyjah is the best

    becca Posted: 5 years ago
  4. they are screwd up he did way better

    nyjahs fan Posted: 5 years ago
  5. hey nyjah that rocked this is my msn donnelle97@hotmail.co.uk

    donnelle Posted: 5 years ago

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