Nyjah wins X Games 15 Silver!

Posted August 2, 2009 by brink

A big congrats to Nyjah Huston for winning X Games 15 silver today!

nyjah huston x games 15 silver es footwear

nyjah huston x games 15 silver es footwear

nyjah huston x games 15 silver es footwear


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There's 23 responses to "Nyjah wins X Games 15 Silver!"

  1. Maaan you are such a inspiration to me and a lot of other young skaters.... keep on rocking the skating world!!!

    skaterchick Posted: 5 years ago
  2. Nyjah is my inspiration for skating also. I love his style ! but you could tell that he was little disappointed at finishing 2nd. he almost had 1st until P-rod came out with the switch heel. :(

    geordi13 Posted: 5 years ago
  3. geezz, Ny you get better every vid i see nyou from elemental till the 30 sec one of you in the TF you are the reason i skate you show that all the kids of america that they can start young and grow up to be good skaters. Peace NY

    JJ Posted: 5 years ago

    theskater Posted: 5 years ago
  5. ur the best blaze it nyjah hahahah i know u do!!!

    lil j Posted: 5 years ago
  6. hes a BEAST

    jake Posted: 5 years ago
  7. Great Job Dude! im 14 and ur like 1000 times better than me! Hope u do well with i and i skateboards!

    Aaron Posted: 5 years ago
  8. nyjah dawg ur dreadlocks are dope son..!!! soowoop keep skating u were meant to be a skater holmeessss!!! ur my idol ese!!add me on myspace at jaykeoni@hotmail.com......wasss really gewd!!??? smoke some weed 2 hahahah!!! wass gewd??!! soowoop westside bloodshotts!!! barson 310

    lil j Posted: 5 years ago
  9. buena nyjah la rompiste en ese champion felicitaciones...


    kogoin Posted: 5 years ago
  10. awesome congradulations nyjah!

    nyjahs fan Posted: 5 years ago
  11. je suis un de tes plus grand fans nyjah!!!!! osti que tu est fort

    danick Posted: 5 years ago
  12. Nyjah you are the best i never miss anything that has your name in it, dude ever since i read your interview back in the day in the am magazine my mother and i think you have a positive message and that your the right skater to lookup to, and you also got me into regge and the rasta colors.

    Rasta-Boy Posted: 5 years ago
  13. I&I skateboards

    nick Posted: 5 years ago
  14. njyah ur the best skater ive ever seen in my life it was u who made me start sk8ing u rock soo much and congrats on wining x games i hope when im 14 i can be as good as u coz im only 11:P but ur the best and u rock:P

    Donnelle Posted: 5 years ago
  15. you're my favorite skater.
    i have 15 years old you are so amazing.
    continue like you are.thats the way

    ayrton Posted: 5 years ago
  16. you is sow very good insparation
    for me ilake to be a skater

    paolo gonzales Posted: 5 years ago
  17. sencillamente el mejor skate street qe hay!

    marla carrizalez Posted: 5 years ago
  18. q pinta este patojito si apreta la verga y q stilo tan freshh...

    fernando(kids) Posted: 5 years ago
  19. i dont care what anu body says u are a beast.

    scize Posted: 5 years ago
  20. GO NYJAH!! also can't wait till i&i decks are for sell

    nyjahfan Posted: 5 years ago
  21. ai brasil curti muito o seu skate mano..vc é uma ispiração pra garotada nova..e andtiga tambem..q Deus continue dando força pra vc flw pazzz...

    andre araujo Posted: 5 years ago
  22. nyjah is a bad a** at skatinng he is the best skater i ever known my girlfriend and i love your sk8ing we skate everyday because of you

    sk8goon Posted: 5 years ago
  23. Nice!!!

    Joe Posted: 5 years ago

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