éS Footwear proudly welcomes John Rattray to the team!

Posted August 24, 2009 by rel1sh

éS Footwear is excited and proud to welcome John Rattray to the team! John will also be joining us on The Great éSCAPE Tour... and we just so happen to be boarding planes for Holland this morning...

Watch or download it in HD! (81 MB)

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There's 56 responses to "éS Footwear proudly welcomes John Rattray to the team!"

  1. super sick!
    welcome to the team rattray.

    drew Posted: 5 years ago
  2. This is great :)

    Darragh Forrester Posted: 5 years ago
  3. whaaaaa? this is so sick

    johnny Posted: 5 years ago
  4. Thats dope . fuck yeah john .

    oliver Posted: 5 years ago
  5. That last line was insane, Go John!

    J-dogger Posted: 5 years ago
  6. cool! Ive really like Rattray since his 411 part with the noseblunt on clipper - and a good tranny skater.

    Alex Posted: 5 years ago
  7. sick style man. nice shoes too.

    Matt Posted: 5 years ago
  8. great skater for great team
    welcome to the team rattray!
    Congratulations of skater from brazil

    Julio D.L. Posted: 5 years ago
  9. yeaaaaaaaaaaaahhh

    a Posted: 5 years ago

    a great move!

    sirob Posted: 5 years ago
  11. great skater and shoes

    errr Posted: 5 years ago
  12. so is he living in vancouver now?

    aiken Posted: 5 years ago
  13. Right on... That's a sick welcome video too!

    Ashton Posted: 5 years ago
  14. Hell yeah, Rattray is so sick. Es needs to fully put kellen james on the team! Idk why you guys haven't already

    magellan Posted: 5 years ago
  15. yes!!!!This is such a smart move for ES, he is so so sick. really stocked on this. shoes look super nice aswell.

    bip bop Posted: 5 years ago
  16. Always shows up with such sick style. Great editing on the vid too. Plus a thumbs up on the blue colorway on the shoe.

    Sunbeard Posted: 5 years ago
  17. what shoe is that it looks sick , kinda familiar though

    shmee Posted: 5 years ago
  18. you guys need to put kellen, kelly, and romar on. rattray is siick! good job eS

    jaren Posted: 5 years ago
  19. Sick video, sick skating! Congrats!!...this teams getting sicker and sicker.

    Chris Posted: 5 years ago


    jon Posted: 5 years ago
  21. they need to put felipe gustavo on.

    bigshotdaveb Posted: 5 years ago
  22. yeah rattray is sick but definetly should put felipe gustavo on kellen james kevin romar. shoe is sick tho.

    team Posted: 5 years ago
  23. super sick style. very good skater but eS really has no image.

    sergio Posted: 5 years ago
  24. Mccrank introducing one of the finest, Well done Rattray, what a document. Holy hell, great song too.

    Dan Posted: 5 years ago
  25. so much better than Osiris.

    Armin Halvadzic Posted: 5 years ago
  26. well done mate, congrats

    andresholguin Posted: 5 years ago
  27. well done mr rattray. never thought you fitted in at Osiris anyways. You should have moved to es ages ago. goan yersel big man.

    scottish skater Posted: 5 years ago
  28. Everything about the video is amazing!!!the shoes are so british an so his style! loving the blue detail on the site...... go Rattray!

    fixie Posted: 5 years ago
  29. nice. love the reverts, spinnin man. Nice choice in sponsor man.

    Deann Posted: 5 years ago
  30. kellen jame's part in right foot forward was sick, why rattray over him?
    put kellen on the proper team already

    dude party Posted: 5 years ago
  31. wicked! good to see man... he is so good to watch live too!!! : )

    tim crawley Posted: 5 years ago
  32. It's good to see Rattray join the eS team! He will be a nice addition to the roster. Can't wait what shoes eS is gonna whip up for him...

    rattray supporter Posted: 5 years ago
  33. your sickkkk!

    jesus Posted: 5 years ago
  34. DUDE!!!! I want those shoes rattray be rockin' just because 1. they're ES shoes and 2. rattray is wearing them. LONG LIVE SKATEING

    Rattray fan Posted: 5 years ago
  35. Sick! eS need to put kellen, tony, and k-terp on now

    E Posted: 5 years ago
  36. sick!!
    man where can i get those shoes? they rule!

    !anna Posted: 5 years ago
  37. I met John at an Elwood demo earlier this year. suuuuper nice guy, and he destroyed the 7-foot halfpipe the team was skating. sick edition for sure.

    Tony GO Posted: 5 years ago
  38. can't wait for that shoe to come out. and stop telling es who to put on their team.

    like's it Posted: 5 years ago
  39. So sick! That video was filmed so well! Makes life feel so awesome!

    Joe Pea Posted: 5 years ago
  40. ES has always had good riders since they started in 95, and it's Killer to see a sick all round skater added to the team, Welcome John Rattray. "Thank God he didn't go to nike."

    Zero Cool Posted: 5 years ago
  41. hell yea this dudes tight! why yall niggas sleeping on kellan? pfff and tell that nigga tony karr he owes me 5 dollars

    tony your homey Posted: 5 years ago
  42. Want he on vans? or dc?

    SB Posted: 5 years ago
  43. Dope..So when the shoes comin out?

    Sharmack Posted: 5 years ago
  44. John's my favorite skater and since Osiris Sucks im stoked he's on Es

    Scotty Posted: 5 years ago
  45. So Rattray is not Osiris anymore??That sucks!!But its kool because he shreds.

    Skate_Und_Destroy Posted: 5 years ago
  46. what shoe is that? its tight!

    csean26 Posted: 5 years ago
  47. i really want those shoes

    bennie19 Posted: 5 years ago
  48. i want those shoes!!!!!,
    when are they comin out
    btw sick vid.

    sean Posted: 5 years ago
  49. those shoes are super sick!!!!!

    esfootwearwannabe Posted: 4 years ago
  50. damn all of your are so damn gay. its not like they actually read this shit. come on, use your brain you posers. fuck all of you.

    all of you guys suck Posted: 4 years ago
  51. this sohe is great!!

    redstar Posted: 4 years ago
  52. Great shoes.

    akram Posted: 4 years ago
  53. Those colored shoes but mid tops are called erving they are sexxyer because i sk8 mid not low but still véry níce

    homeruntlc Posted: 4 years ago
  54. you can buy ES shoes from ccs.com to name one. Rattray is boss

    luke Posted: 4 years ago
  55. I want those shoes!
    is there any information about it?

    Name Posted: 4 years ago
  56. Those shoes look pretty much like the mccranks which came out later
    anyone agrees?

    weegrhgrth Posted: 4 years ago

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