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Page 3 August 2009

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Beauty and the Beast 2!

Looks like Rick is having a grand time on the Beauty and the Beast 2 tour...

rick mccrank anti hero girl es footwear

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More Nyjah's X-Games Sequences!

Dayum, son! Nyjah killed it!

Nyjah bs lipslide 01 X-Games 15

Nyjah bs Smith X-Games 15
Back smith

Nyjah KF Backlip X-Games 15
Kickflip back lip

Nyjah KF Front Board 01 X-Games 15
Kickflip front board

Nyjah BS Lipslide 02 X-Games 15
Kickflip backlip

Nyjah Switch 5-0 X-Games 15
Switch 5-0

Nyjah Switch Tailslide X-Games 15
Switch tail

Nyjah Ollie over Rail X-Games 15
Kickflip over rail into the bank

Nyjah Switch Heel X-Games 15
Switch heel

Nyjah KF Front Board 02 X-Games 15
Kickflip front board

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This month in the mags...

Kelly Hart's playlist is up for you to jock in The Skateboard Mag...

Kelly Hart's MYPOD

And there's a Right Foot Forward article in TWS, featuring Bobby and Kellen...

Bobby and Kellen TWS feature

and a Rodrigo Tx. interview in Thrasher.

Rodrigo Tx. Thrasher interview

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DG in OZ, part 4

The final installment of Danny Garcia and the Quik team's trip to OZ is up on TWS. Looks like they had a good time!

Danny Garcia in OZ, part 4

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Clips from the road...

deet danny garcia es footwear

The boys are on a little éS Game of SKATE tour in NY right now. Deet got some clips...

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5 Trick Fix #2

Bobby and Kellen still holding it down at TWS with yet another 5 trick fix.

Bobby Worrest 5 trick fix

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Nyjah wins X Games 15 Silver!

A big congrats to Nyjah Huston for winning X Games 15 silver today!

nyjah huston x games 15 silver es footwear

nyjah huston x games 15 silver es footwear

nyjah huston x games 15 silver es footwear

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Nyjah qualifies third!

nyjah huston x games 15 es footwear

Congrats to Nyjah Huston for qualifying third yesterday in X Games 15 street. He moves on to the finals this afternoon. Stay tuned. Good luck Nyjah!