Berlin demo and a few other tricks...

Posted September 11, 2009 by brink

This park was sick... another great demo and a great way to wrap up our stay in Berlin. Thanks to all who came out!

rock mccrank es footwear great escape
Rick joined the tour and threw down right out the gate...

mike anderson es footwear great escape
Mike Anderson. Ollie.

josh matthews es footwear great escape
Josh Matthews. Nosegrind.

danny garcia es footwear great escape
Danny. Front three.

justin eldridge es footwear great escape
Justin did about 10 of these tre flip nose mannys. Easily.

john rattray es footwear great escape
Coming off a few days of gnarly back pain... John Rattray was stoked to be back on board and ripped. High-speed smith grind.

javier sarmiento es footwear great escape
Not one to let Justin skate the manny pad alone, Javi busted a few of these switch flip nose mannies.

javier sarmiento berlin es footwear great escape
Probably the most talked about move of the demo... Javi's 360 flip over the hydrant. He did two in a row.

Ever wonder what goes on in the tour bus while traveling from demo to demo? well here's a small taste:

Download it! (4.8 MB)


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There's 3 responses to "Berlin demo and a few other tricks..."

  1. Haha...justin always in a something' !!

    Vinícius Posted: 5 years ago
  2. wheares nyjah been?

    jah love Posted: 5 years ago
  3. damn all those tricks are hard as fuck i have been skating for 6 years and i cant trey yet damn your amazing

    tyler Posted: 5 years ago

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